Rumor: Samsung expecting to lose a portion of orders for future Apple chips



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    You want a tip? Buy Google and Samsung.


    Samsung is a mega-corp, they are fairly strong and diversified.


    Google? I wouldn't touch ad-backed stocks:


    "I don't know anyone in the ad-­supported Web business who isn't engaged in a relentless, demoralizing, no-exit operation to realign costs with falling per-user revenues, or who isn't manically inflating traffic to compensate for ever-lower per-user value,"


    This only gets worse as we move to mobile because people don't pay nearly as much attention to mobile ads and there is less space to host them.


    I think we will reach Peak Google, before Peak Apple.

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    Where is an iPhone with a large screen?


    Been to the website recently?


    Where is iOS that easily supports multiple users?


    OS XI.


    Where is seamless - Dropbox-like - integration with the cloud instead of the current iTunes/iCloud/MobileMe confusion?


    Built into Mountain Lion.


    Under Tim Cook leadership, Apple failed to deliver any of those…


    Only if you've ignored everything Apple has done under Tim Cook's leadership, yeah.


    …the crucial features that make devices easy to use.


    None of them fall under that category.

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    Samsung are one of the biggest ARM licensees in the world.
    Apple only got to put their name on the stuff after they bought a license in 2008.

    Samsung still license from Imagination and it would be stupid to think that both teams ignore each other when designing SOCs.
    I would expect an announcement from Samsung that the Apple design is 100% theirs.
    It is probably getting close considering Apple just hired one of the top Samsung guys.

    It is worth noting that the Samsung Exynos range was simply a separation/renaming of Samsung chips supplied to Apple from 2010.
    In 2010 the Samsung S5L8920 became the Samsung/Apple S5L8930X otherwise known as the A4.

    You have to say that Samsung in its moving from design/fab to fab only has so far been handled well.
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    Originally Posted by Nathillien View Post

    I seriously doubt that you can make anyone a fool with that type of language.




    Originally Posted by EricTheHalfBee View Post

    Says the troll. I notice he never bothered to come in and defend himself since he knows exactly what I'm talking about. Posts something in one thread to start an argument and then later on says something completely different in another. His whole purpose is to troll and start $hit, sort of like what your recent posting history indicates. Maybe you're his buddy? Or a second account?

    Well thank you for confirming my statement.

    Anyways don't worry if sometimes I don't reply to your posts - that means I'm enjoying life or have more important thing to do. Capisce?


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