AT&T reportedly activates FaceTime over cellular for all customers



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    mstone wrote: »
    I'm always shocked when I read comments like this. In my experience they offer great service and customer support has always been courteous, helpful and professional. I am very pleased with AT&T and I love the LTE speed. I have used them for many years in business and also personally switched from Verizon when the first iPhone came out. I keep wondering who this other evil AT&T is that I keep hearing about.

    Are you kidding? ATT has the worst customer support I've ever seen and the people I've met at their several stores knew far less about the phones than me and I don't consider myself an expert. Just the activation of wireless modem took a guy in the ATT store almost 2 hours talking/waiting time on the support line. He had no clue what to do and how to do it. Now I am just waiting for my contract to expire and I'll change to Sprint.
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    Does "power cycle" mean hold the home and sleep buttons until the phone turns off then back on or does it mean let the battery completely drain?

    I'm in Los Angeles. I got an unlimited plan in February '09 with my 3G and now I have a 4S from Best Buy running os6.0.1.

    In settings>general>about it says nothing concerning an update.

    Is the use cellular switch in the facetime menu supposed to turn itself on after I do something or do I toggle it then power off/reset the phone in a particular way?
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    solipsismxsolipsismx Posts: 19,566member
    t8k6 wrote: »
    Does "power cycle" mean hold the home and sleep buttons until the phone turns off then back on or does it mean let the battery completely drain?

    To turn it completely off and then back on. Technically doing the two things you mention would effectively power cycle the device but I'd call the holding of the Sleep and Home buttons to be a hard restart, as opposed to just holding the Sleep button until the Slide to Turn Off button appears on the screen. I'd just do a soft restart to try it, but as noted in the thread it's not working for most as this appears to be a very slow roll out.
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    jd_in_sbjd_in_sb Posts: 1,495member

    I have an iPhone 5. I called AT&T and they said I need a mobile share plan costing $30/month more then I spend now for me to have FaceTime over cellular. They said I also need tethering! So this report of FaceTime for everyone appears to be completely false or perhaps they turned it on accidentally for a day.

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    Verified working on my iPhone 4S with unlimited data plan. Took a while for it to kick in. There is no carrier update that enables it, seems to be completely network side. I tried power off/on, home+sleep reboot, reset network settings, multiple times each and still no luck. When it started working I tried something different that I haven't seen in the comments. I turned the cellular data switch to off, rebooted using home+sleep then waited for the network to connect without data. When I turned cellular data back on it enabled FaceTime over cellular. Might just be the towers they are pushing the software update to and it's taking a little while to populate to all towers. Hopefully this is AT&T realizing their stupidity and not just a mistake. There is no reason to limit FaceTime, unlimited plan subscribers still get capped regardless of how the data is used, tiered plan subscribers will just buy larger plans and or pay the overage if they go over from FaceTime use. But honestly the "data use concerns" with FaceTime over cellular is a joke. I've monitored the traffic from FaceTime through my router and I was shocked at how little data FaceTime seems to use.
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    P.S. -> JD_in_SB, Or you just spoke with someone who was uninformed about what AT&T announced, and also might just be a scumbag employee who is trying to slam features. The fact they said you need tethering to use FaceTime make me think they were just trying to meet their feature quota. I have very little to complain about with AT&T but their customer service reps are very hit & miss, because they, like most other carriers, use a third party call center company to field customer service calls. Keep trying and I'm sure we will here an official communication from AT&T stating they decided to enable FaceTime for all users soon.
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    Where are you using your phone?
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    So I followed these instructions

    and after rebooting the "use cellular data" switch in the facetime menu had turned itself on....for two seconds
    After moving back to off, when I tried to move it I got "call 611 blahty blah blah"
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    Got the iPhone 5, weird it was'nt atamatically on, it had to be turned on then off and automatically did it.
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    Got the iPhone 5, weird it was'nt atamatically on, it had to be turned on then off and automatically did it.

    Then it did it again off want come back on, maybe just a day special or something, AT&T should not even have control over this, actually it's strange you can turn it on/off does AT&T have this rule on the iPad, or does it even work on iPad?
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    I picked up the phone and called AT&T about this, since my 4S on a grandfathered unlimited plan from 2009 is still blocking FaceTime over cellular. 


    The associate I spoke with (Tim in the United States - seemed well trained and knowledgeable on this topic) said unlimited plan customers do NOT get FaceTime over cellular.  He said the only way to do this would be through one of their newer mobile share or tiered data plans.  



    I'd be curious to know of anyone who's actually called AT&T and been told otherwise.  

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    It's now turned back off, tried to do the same things as before and it now showed it was on for a second until it registered on the network and then turns its self off. So it is likely just a mistake they made when pushing the update to the towers. :no:
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    I still don't have it. I have an unlimited data plan with AT&T on iPhone 4S running iOS 6.

    I haven't done a complete reset of the phone, but I have tried turning it off and turning it back on.
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