Mac sales to US businesses grow nearly 50%



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    Originally Posted by minicapt View Post

    According to the website, "3dMax" runs in Boot Camp or Parallels.


    Uh, yeah... that was the point. Did you read the quote to which I was responding? Cameronj questioned the role of Boot Camp in enterprise adoption of Macs. I pointed out that it's very important to some people. I don't understand what you're trying to say (bear with me, I try hard but I'm just not that bright).

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    Originally Posted by cycomiko View Post

    I have started to see Macs in a number of offices, and hotels.


    Most of them are running a form of Windows, often XP.

    Same thing here. A hotel outside of Toledo where I often stay has switched to Macs. I was very surprised to see that change the last time I was there. I've also noticed more doctors and dentists using Macs and iPads.


    Here's something from the article that struck me: "...making it 26 straight quarters that Mac sales outgrew PC shipments."


    Now that is rather amazing!

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