Apple updates Remote Desktop Client and Admin with stability improvements

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Apple on Tuesday issued an incremental update for the Admin and Client versions of Apple Remote Desktop, each of which brings the usual stability and performance improvements to the remote computer management software.

Apple Remote Desktop

On Monday, Apple issued a minor update to Apple Remote Desktop Client. The main purpose of version 3.6.2 is to improve the reliability of screen sharing after some users reported encountering an issue where white video was appearing during screen-sharing sessions.

From the release notes:
About Apple Remote Desktop 3.6.2 Client

The 3.6.2 update is recommended for all Apple Remote Desktop clients and improves the reliability of screen sharing by addressing an issue where users only see white video when screen sharing from Messages to a system running OS X Lion.
Alongside the client version, an update to the Apple Remote Desktop Admin product was released, bringing the same stability and performance enhancements described above.

Apple Remote Desktop Client is a 3.69 MB download and can be found on Apple?s Support page or through Software Update. Likewise, the admin iteration of the software comes in at 14.75 MB and is available for download via the support pages or Software Update.


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    There's something wrong here. There's two separate support pages for Admin 3.6.1, one from 24 Sept with Download ID SL1595 and 14.73 MB in size, another from 3 Dec labelled DL1570 and 14.75 MB. The titles are a little different with some juxtapositioning, "Apple Remote Desktop 3.6.1 Admin" and "Apple Remote Desktop Admin 3.6.1", respectively. My existing copy of Admin 3.6.1 only offers to update clients to Client 3.6.1; I installed Client 3.6.2 manually on the clients via downloading from the download page for it. Gonna wait on the Admin to see if Apple fixes this soon.
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