Inaccurate Apple Maps directions causes 'life threatening issue' for travelers, says Australian poli



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    Originally Posted by Dick Applebaum View Post


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    Locating Mildura is pointing it to the proper location indeed. But routing to it is still not right.

    Routing from where? What is wrong with the route? I am not familiar with the territory, but looking at a route from Melbourne to Mildura -- it looks pretty reasonable to me.


    On devices that had previously routed to the LGA location, the search result was corrected but it looks like old routes were cached, so that if you requested the route again it went back to the old location in the center of the LGA. Declining the suggested route in the routing box and retyping both start and end names fixes it.

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    Originally Posted by jragosta View Post

    You need to go back and re-read what I wrote. And then, stop accusing me of things I never said. For example, I never commented on Campaspe or Waranga.

    So before you start sarcastically calling people 'genius', you should learn to read.

    I read what you wrote. What you wrote does not apply to Australia. Because like I have said, our shires and towns have different names.

    I KNOW you never commented on Campaspe or Waranga.

    I wrote:


    Gotta love how you ignored the rest of the post, which clearly illustrates Apple's incompetency in relation to mapping, in Regional Australia Areas. 

    "As I previous stated: In particular, type in Rushworth, it'll take to you to the middle of Waranga Basin, yep, apparently this town is in a lake? And guess what genius? The shire for this town is called Campaspe? So based on speculation, you'd be wrong." END

    ***(especially notice how I wrote, AS I PREVIOUSLY STATED)


    I wrote that, to try and illustrate that your example was not a uniform example (that's why I sarcastically called you genius). Then you said I accused you of things you never said? Which I never did, I bought your attention back to what "I" wrote. 

    Perhaps you need to re-read what I wrote? - NOT the other way around.

    Anyway, it is besides the point. As I said previously, you are completely speculating, that your American example holds true for Australia. Which it does not seem to, as other Shires and towns do not behave the way you say. 

    And as I previously said, if you were to look at any of the towns I told you to, you'd clearly see that so many towns don't even have location markers. And some towns aren't even in Apple's database.

    Anyway dude, I'm sure we both have better things to do then discuss the particulars of Regional Northern Victoria. ;) I hope I've enlightened you to my little part of the world. I certainly had no idea America had so many states and cities with the same names!

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    Originally Posted by Vaelian View Post

    Nope… …fallacy… Only because I have not upgraded yet. 


    Talk about your fallacies! You don't even have a clue what it's actually like, so how can you comment on it at all?!


    Seems the others were right in the first place.

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    Pretty funny (funny = ironic) article out of Australia today (via @Gruber): ;




    Police warn of safety concerns from Google Maps

    December 12, 2012, 9:00 am



    Victorian police have again raised concerns about motorists relying on online maps and GPS technology.


    Police in Mildura have had to conduct six rescues in recent weeks, after through the Murray Sunset National Park.


    Now police in Colac, west of Melbourne, say faults with Google maps are putting people's lives at risk along the Great Ocean Road and in the southern Otways.


    Sergeant Nick Buenen says trucks, buses and tourists are being directed down Wild Dog Road, which is a one-way track, not built for heavy traffic.


    He says VicRoads has denied responsibility and Google Maps has not responded.


    "My issue is it's a significant safety issue for tourists [and] locals, who are getting the wrong information from their GPSs," he said.


    "My concern is that one day we're going to be at the coroners court [being asked] well what did you do about it.


    "We're trying to do something about it, but if a 22-seater bus rolls off Wild Dog Road today, [there wouldn't be] the multi-agency response to this issue that I would like."

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    john.b wrote: »

    Ah, the irony. Thanks for the link/quote!
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    Originally Posted by werdnanotroh View Post

    We've heard it said many times before, why would this guy drive into the wilderness with one lot of mapping information? Why wouldn't he check more than one source? The same should hold true for Apple! Why didn't they check other mapping providers?




    First, we don't know if there is more than one provider for this area.


    Secondly, if two providers (assuming two are available - please refer to point number 1) then how would the Mapping software know which one is correct? It could ask the user, but what if the user doesn't know either? 


    It's very simple: No GPS system can be relied upon 100,  so be sensible.


    Oh, and as someone else has pointed out, we have have a similar case involving Google Maps. The difference being is that a problem with Google isn't worth so many hits on a website.



    Originally Posted by werdnanotroh View Post

    But in all honesty, I don't think this was the reason the mapping information was incorrect, because there are so many other towns in the wrong place.



    Well, that's what the report said, if you have anything to refute it, aside from guesswork, then please share.



    Originally Posted by werdnanotroh View Post

    Also, the dataset came from the Australian Government (if this information is indeed true), not the state of Victoria.



    Which makes not a lot of difference. Apple was using data from a third party provider with an ambiguous town marking.




    Originally Posted by werdnanotroh View Post

    And the dataset is accurate, because the location marker is simply stating the Shire name, which is the 'Rural City of Mildura'. So realistically, Apple made an assumption that the Rural City of Mildura was a town, not a Shire.



    Accurate? Maybe. Unambiguous? No. The app will only be ever as good as the data you give it. That's software 101, I'm afraid.

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    Originally Posted by Rayz View Post



    Well, that's what the report said, if you have anything to refute it, aside from guesswork, then please share.



    Which makes not a lot of difference. Apple was using data from a third party provider with an ambiguous town marking.




    Accurate? Maybe. Unambiguous? No. The app will only be ever as good as the data you give it. That's software 101, I'm afraid.

    We do know that there is more than one provider in this area., Tom-Tom, the Australian Government information, and we have many hard-copy mapping services in Australia, in this instance MelWay, which I believe also do digital mapping now.


    Apple chose a EUROPEAN mapping company for Australia (Tom-Tom), not one of the countless Australian services they could have chosen... There are more, of course, I just highlighted the most used services.

    I'm certainly not disputing they shouldn't be relied on 100% - especially Apple Maps.



    It isn't guess work, it says it in the report. If you look at it again, it was amended at the bottom to say Apple wrongly used the 'Mildura Shire' location information and placed it as a town. So the problem is that Apple did not checking the information correctly... Not the Government with the wrong information, Apple with bad map reading skill, lol. 


    Since these other providers have no troubles in getting this town in the right place, perhaps you need to realise, Apple released a crappy product, using second-rate information, and second-rate information checking. ESPECIALLY in relation to Rural Australia. The cities in Australia are okay, but rural is bad!

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