Google to sell off Motorola's set-top box business as Google TV flounders



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    I figured you could follow along, but I guess you missed the reason for the posts. So here it is again.


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    Most of that is about music, and isn't much of a benefit for Tv use. As far as cnet goes, well, let's just say its just more rumors. Google has less of a chance to do deals than Apple does. Apple is willing to pay, and because of its business model, Google isn't.

    Oh I see, so you're just being a Richard.  Nothing new there, stay classy guy. 

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    melgrossmelgross Posts: 33,508member
    gatorguy wrote: »
    Yes sir.

    HBO, Showtime, Cinemax etc. are available to stream via GooglePlay. In addition if you're curious what movie studios have licensed with Google for movie rentals, streamable to GoogleTV, there's an article here:

    Does it really look so different from AppleTV's content? If so please point it out.

    We're talking about Google Tv, not Google Play, or their cable network.
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    Originally Posted by melgross View Post

    We're talking about Google Tv, not Google Play, or their cable network.

    Sigh. . . image

    Mel, just point out the content differences. Geesh, there might be some significant ones but you're sure going out of your way to avoid just listing them.

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    Not yet noted by AI, Google has sold off the set-top business to Arris for $2.1 Billion in cash and $300M in stock, effectively totaling about $2.5B overall. That also allows Google a significant ownership stake in the company, perhaps useful at some point. At least Google thinks it might be. 


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