WSJ: Apple testing 'several' HDTV designs with Asian manufacturers



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    irelandireland Posts: 17,798member
    antkm1 wrote: »
    I disagree, only under the specific functions of the device.

    If this thing is just a TV, iTV or Apple TV or iVision makes sense.  But if it's more than just a TV, iPanel makes a lot more sense.  However, the iPhone is really not a phone, but they used that name for simplicity sake.  And the fact that nothing like the iPhone existed at the time and it was the only name that was clear for marketability.

    Simplicity sake? Like, iTV. Never.
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    antkm1antkm1 Posts: 1,441member
    ireland wrote: »
    Simplicity sake? Like, iTV. Never.
    That name will NEVER dawn an apple product.
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