Apple declares 'Day One' Mac App of the Year, 'Deus Ex' Game of the Year



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    Are these winners different in the different nations? Lego Batman 2 got game of the year in Australia. Day One was still top app.


    Sometimes, the UK store LEGO Batman 2 was also the top game. Day One was the top app.

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    superbass wrote: »
    Gee, I wonder if Human Revolution was named GOTY by Apple because Feral and Apple made a deal to give the App Store exclusive digital distribution rights? The OSX version is currently blocked from being sold on Steam even though the PC version is.

    Ok, first of all it's not a mac store exclusive, you can buy it from multiple online stores.

    Secondly you need to bear in mind that Steam play is both a blessing and a curse for porting companies such as Feral. Certainly the market is massively increased due to the popularity of Steam. But, if a person buys the PC copy which has usually been out for months/years before the Mac Port and is therefore far cheaper Feral gets nothing for the sale. Think about it, they've done all the work & for many if not even most of the downloads they do not get paid.
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    I bought in on Steam for Windows, but I wholeheartedly agree that Deus Ex: Human Revolution won the Game of the Year award. It is such an awesome game. Really, if you like your shooter games with deep story lines, insanely diverse ways to tackle missions and excellently implemented RPG elements, then this game is for you.
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