Apple's holiday ad touts iPad, iPad mini FaceTime features

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With less than a week to go until Christmas, Apple on Friday released a commercial focusing on the iPad family of products and FaceTime.

In the commercial, aptlynamed "I'll be Home," a girl sings the holiday classica "I'll be Home for Christmas" to what can be assumed is her grandfather over a FaceTime conversation on an iPad and iPad mini.

While the older gentleman doesn't have a speaking role, his presence serves to show off the tablets' communication capabilities, something Apple had yet to do in its most recent iPad ads.

Apple appears to be pushing the iPad mini as the product of the holiday season and reports of strong sales appear to confirm that the device will be popping up in many stockings around the world on Christmas day.


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    jakebjakeb Posts: 563member
    That's the Apple we all know and love. Nice job guys.
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    This is just beautiful.
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    what a great ad!!
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