Apple's iPad expected to help hold 2013 PC growth to 2%



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    Don't hold it above your head? image


    Seriously, how're you holding it that your neck hurts?


    Okay, admittedly I have neck issues, which makes me atypical, but I really need to have my neck level. This is possible with a separate monitor, because I can adjust its position easily. The only way a tablet could work would be to hold it at eye level, which is not exactly relaxing. A stand might work, but then I'd have to hold up my arm(s) constantly, which gets tiring. 


    I simply can't use a tablet or laptop as a lap device, seated or reclining, without bringing on considerable neck pain.


    There've actually been a fair number of studies about problems with tablet ergonomics even for normal people. For example: People hold their heads at angles that induce stress, and tend to sit in hunched positions. 

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    Ok this is not a new belief of course it will,
    Don't hold it above your head? ;)

    Seriously, how're you holding it that your neck hurts?
    He could hold it like a laptop or desktop position if that is needed.
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    I'm still trying to think of a way to hold it whereby both an arm and a neck wouldn't get tired… oh!


    In a chair, one leg propped up, foot on the edge of the seat, hand holding iPad resting on the knee. I do that sometimes.

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    I'm looking forward to the ipad 5's release date. I think its a great idea that Apple is considering making the next ipad thinner and lighter. I think making it lighter is definitely something I'm looking forward too. Also I like everything about the current ipad except the weight so I'm glad is looking into making the next version a lighter form factor.
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