Hyundai announces support for Apple's Siri Eyes Free



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    alfiejr wrote: »
    while several auto makers have announced Eyes Free Siri support, i can't find any cars for sale with it. are there any yet - any brand/model?
    With Apple maps the way it is I am not sure I would want to rely fully on Eyes Free Siri. I'd like to keep an eye on the map.
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    Originally Posted by matrix07 View Post

    Thank you for the knowledge. I just emailed AUDI to let they know that i prefer Google-free product and if I can't turn off Google Map and use SIRI on their vehicle then Audi is not my next purchased car.

    I'm sure that will give them pause. . .image


    BTW Ford announced that their Sync system is going open-source, available to any manufacturer that wishes to use it.

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    "That said, they do seem to copy the designs of other successful manufacturers rather than designing their own"

    Kidding? Are you talking about engineering or design? Hyundai has some of the most original car designs on the road.
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    Originally Posted by tylerk36 View Post

     On the other hand one will only get about 50k miles worth of use out of a Hyundai car. 


    That's silly. Hyundai has the industry's best warranty. 5 years/ 60,000 miles as well as a LIFETIME (for the original owner) battery replacement on their hybrids. Far and away one of the best values riding down the road.


    See:  and compare it to the warranty on the car you own.

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    I'm still waiting to hear what Audi will bring to the table or what vehicles it will be compatible with.
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