Tim Cook spotted visiting Apple reseller in China

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Apple CEO Tim Cook was seen on Wednesday China local time, visiting an Apple reseller during his recent trip to the country.

Tim Cook

The photos, shared by AppleInsider reader Anthony, show Cook talking with staff at Dragonstar, an Authorized Apple Reseller located in the upscale China World Shopping Mall, which is attached to the China World Trade Center in Beijing. While it cannot be confirmed due to the image's resolution, it appears as though a second man in the photo could be Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller.

It was reported on Monday that Cook met with China's head of industry and information technology Miao Wei to discuss Apple's business in the country as well as the global communications market as a whole.

This is the second trip to China for Cook in less than ten months, as the Apple chief visited an iPhone production facility run by manufacturing partner Foxconn last March. During that trip Cook discussed intellectual property issues and potential cooperation with the Chinese government with Vice Premier Li Keqiang.


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    blackbookblackbook Posts: 1,361member
    iPhone for emerging markets on its way...
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    aiaaia Posts: 181member
    This is the mall at Guomao in Beijing, right?
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    That's definitely Schiller as well. There's some pretty heavy hitters over in China right now.
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    marvfoxmarvfox Posts: 2,275member

    Another tax right off for Apple. They are going there to make more money naturally.


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    China Mobile coming soon?
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    Definitely Schiller.
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,758member
    Apple's face recognition algorithms in Aperture say it's Schiller. ;)
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    What does a bunch of top guys from Apple in China mean? I see another article on that coming up somewhere.. And I sure suspect Digitimes will be ready with one more rumor by the end of this week.
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    conrailconrail Posts: 489member

    So are they sure is this a "real" Apple store?  If Ballmer did this, he would probably end up at one of the many bootleg stores by mistake.

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    ifij775ifij775 Posts: 470member


    Originally Posted by Chiefthinker View Post

    China Mobile coming soon?

    Let's hope so

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    andysolandysol Posts: 2,506member
    Phil and Tim are making identical expressions. Made me laugh a little
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    China is the most populous country in the world and Apple doesn't have every single person there buying iPhones. APPLE IS DOOMED
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    msimpsonmsimpson Posts: 452member


    Originally Posted by marvfox View Post

    Another tax right off for Apple. They are going there to make more money naturally.


    Were you "left off" the memo?



    No, they were there to steal french fries.  Everyone knows Tim Cooks steals french fries.  No one at Apple will sit with him in the cafeteria because of it.



    What did you think they were going there for?  Give away money?  

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    Definitely something major in the offing, with political smoozing required. This is the coldest winter on China in decades, no known Foxconn fires to put out, and China Mobile 3G numbers languishing. I'd say a big announcement coming down the road, and Cook is giving a hint to the market.

    Casual observers of Apple often overlook Cook's deep expertise in dealing with China, formed over many years of travel there dealing with production issues. At this point he may well be the best-informed CEO of any Western company on the big picture of technology in China and how to negotiate with tact and effectiveness.
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    philboogiephilboogie Posts: 7,675member
    I sure hope they're not on the same plane, in case of disaster. I worked for a company once that made it a big deal that all Five Founding Fathers were on separate planes. Happened to that ice hockey team in Russia...
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