Apple rolls out HP and Brother printer drivers

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Apple on Thursday issued an update covering newly released printer drivers for HP and Brother printers, scanners and all-in-ones.

Printer Drivers

With the pair of updates, HP's printer driver set reaches version 2.12 while Brother's hits 2.1. In order to install the updated packages, HP hardware owners will need OS X 10.6 or later and Brother users need OS X 10.6.1 or later.

The HP driver pack comes in at 439.55MB and can be downloaded here, while the 156.05MB Brother driver package can be found here. Both are also available via Apple's Support Downloads Webpage or Software Update.

For more information on the printers and scanners supported, visit Apple's dedicated support page.


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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,251member
    While we are on the subject of HP and Canon printers etc. ...

    I see no reason why I should not be entitled to refill a genuine HP or Canon ink cartridge myself If I wish to without being harassed by the printer all the time. Or even purchase less expensive third party versions for those that don't feel comfortable with a syringe and a bottle of ink.

    I wish someone would find away to stop these printers from having a fit once you refill and reporting they have counterfeit inks all the time and also then not allowing ink levels to be read (although I could imagine a scenario where some people damage the cartridge but I have not). It seems to me the printer makers are over stepping the bounds of what should be legal. It would be as if a car maker insisted you use Exon gas and if you use anything else the car stops performing as it should.

    For around $20 anyone can purchase from Amazon enough ink to refill the average person's ink jet printer for several years whereas the printer makes charge around $40 per fill that last a week or two. I also notice they are now offering 'extra long life ink cartridges' in the same sizes so one has to assume the 'standard' cartridges' simply have less ink in than ever!

    The entire industry is complicit in this rip off of consumers. If the argument for the ridiculous price of inks is that this enables them to sell their printers for less then my answer is I'd rather have the option of paying more for a printer and being able to use affordable inks.

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