Japan's NTT DoCoMo wants iPhone access as Apple partners gain subscribers



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    65c816 wrote: »
    Wasn't DoCoMo the company that loudly and proudly proclaimed that if Apple won't let them customize the iPhone (read: install crapware), they won't sell it?

    My.... how quickly do they change their tune... :)

    Nice memory.
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    Originally Posted by KDarling View Post


    True, although it's not about just being profitable.  


    Anyone can make a small profit, and the low pricing of other companies' products (partly due to the way that ETSI members charge each other royalties by device price) is why billions of people can use a cell phone today, and why Apple had a ready made market for theirs.    


    The difference is, Apple desires to be hugely profitable.   Which is, of course, their choice... and their market limiting factor.

    Apple don't need a cheap phone and market share is not important but only to the analysts. 


    Profits as in money are kings. 


    Only analysts live in dreams and promises and market share.


    Btw making money is what keeps a company alive and not marketshare and this is what Apple chose to be.


    And since they are highly profitable why do the still need to sell small potatoes and is it really limiting their market?

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    Tim Cook just said that he expected the Chinese market to be big... to eventually outsell the American iPhone market.


    He's also said in the past that Apple won't allow a price umbrella to protect lower priced competition.  In other words, if they need to go with a lower price, they will.


    Not to mention how much space Apple devotes in their lawsuits to complaints that their current (and future) market share is being taken by competitors; about how if they lose a sale to Android at first then they usually have lost that customer forever.


    Apple is definitely interested in market share, and in getting new smartphone / tablet users at the start.   The question is, can they manage to do this without diluting their brand.  I suppose it depends on what you think is their most important pull to customers.  Is it the apps?  Is it iTunes?  (seems doubtful overseas)  Is it the materials?  Is it actually the higher price?  Can they afford to give up any of those?

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