Microsoft quarterly results reflect troubled PC market, middling Windows 8 launch



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    Originally Posted by PhilBoogie View Post

    That sound rather harsh, infuriating. Can't you just, like, ignore it?


    By ignoring it, you let this stuff keep happening. Apathy is death.


    "USB sucks."

    "Ignore it."

    ——Later, elsewhere——

    "Hello, fellow USB development person."

    "Hey. Any user feedback on USB?"

    "Only positive."

    "Good, makes our jobs easier, then. We don't have to do anything!"


    Imagine if there had been a concerted effort to adopt DVI when it was released in '99. We might not have had any VGA products this side of 2005.

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    OMG one million in sales!! Apple is doomed, no one wants the iPad. Surface is the iPad killer. </Ballmer>

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    Just had chance to try out win8 since my boss decided to get pc laptop for autocad LT on recommendation from former colleague.

    Firstly it took them near 2 hours going through various HP laptop specs prices. Also recommended him to get win8pro since its "new out and better support"

    I was the one to install for him since he ain't that tech literate. He's not used autocad since 1999 or win pc for that matter. Our studio is all imac and macpro with 10.6 also got 10.5 (g4 quicksilver 2x800mhz still good for >150mb photoshop/illustrator work) and 10.4 server (g4 400mhz!)

    Anyway first boot took what seemed like forever or 2-3mins minimum before we even saw the windows setup. Fresh pc i5 ivy bridge 8gb 750gb hd. Subsequent boot ups ain't that pretty either - slower than my old core2duo setup and our mac server for that matter :D 2.5ghz vs 400mhz¡¡¡

    What can I say, I find the metro overlay horrible. Especially since its a non touch screen.
    -The customisation of tiles/UI are very limited at least so I've found.

    -Only limited default colour schemes mostly in your face colours. You can't change colour of tiles either individually or group type and only some tiles can be enlarged?

    -Ms calendar only works if you create account to sign in¿

    -Bing just shows up a full screen captioned picture¿ maybe I need to sign first to use anything??

    -hot corners is something you stumble upon, yet use of it is essential like leaving desktop mode? Settings? Guess you can still alt-tab.

    -setting wifi cannot be done at all if your network does not broadcast ssid! They don't even give you option for it. I find that laughable! Only option was to change my network before reverting.

    -finding options for settings is separate between desktop and metro mode. Power off option is buried in metro mode. Annoying pc and windows are still configured by default to go sleep mode pressing power button.

    Admittedly I had only used a short period of time but there were plenty of annoyances. Maybe I am to used to old windows.

    Funny enough it took my boss an hour before he found how to shut down the machine. :P
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    Originally Posted by Apple ][ View Post

    Yet another company that refuses to release the sales figures for their tablet.


    Why? Because it is a complete failure, a flop and a joke, that's why. MSFT is up today, needless to say.


    A conclusion based on incomplete data though it's hard to imagine they would have failed to mention the number if it was way above the million or so analysts talk about.


    Let’s see in a year from now if they are still in the tablet market. At least this time, unlike Zune, there’s some chance that the ecosystem will survive since there are OEMs selling alternatives (at least in the Intel CPU space).


    I wasted time a while back trying to find Samsung's sales numbers. I'm pretty sure they don't report them. I wonder why Apple is expected to have such complete disclosure and prime the markets with accurate guidance when their competition doesn’t. Maybe the South Korean stock market has different rules but Microsoft should be held to the same standards.

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    Originally Posted by Fillie View Post

    Just had chance to try out win8 since my boss decided to get pc laptop for autocad LT on recommendation from former colleague.



    Funny enough it took my boss an hour before he found how to shut down the machine. :P


    Nothing a large hammer can’t fix.

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    Great to see educated comment from someone who hasn't even made the effort to try and use what they criticise so easily.

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    one trick pony company Revenue & Profit terms, that would place Apple far more at risk than Microsoft.  iPhone delivers well over 50% of Apple profits...  a big risk, when your loosing share in the phone market - while Microsoft has 4 core divisions all driving significant levels of revenue and profit..

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