Vintage Apple products to be shown at pop-up museum in Atlanta

in General Discussion edited January 2014
The Apple Pop-Up Museum, a Georgia-based exhibit that tells the story of Apple with its collection of vintage computers and consumer electronics products, will be attending the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast in Atlanta, Ga. this April.

Apple's Lisa is one of the models on display at The Apple Pop-Up Museum. | Source: The Apple Pop-Up Museum

According to the David Greelish, director of the first-ever Vintage Computer Festival Southeast, the exhibit is an extension of the original Vintage Computer Festival from California and will feature The Apple Pop-Up Museum, which is scheduled to show a multitude of Apple wares across 6,000 square feet of display space.

Items slated for display include an Apple I, the first disk ][ and controller card, original Apple ][, original Lisa and a Xerox Alto.

The Vintage Computer Festival Southeast will take place over the weekend of Apr. 20, with a one-day adult ticket priced at $10 and a two-day pass available for $15. Admission for children ages 17 and under is free when accompanied by a parent.


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