Apple & Samsung capture 103% of handset profits as rivals lose money



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    The problem here is that people are calling a profit a loss. A profit is not a loss.  A profit is a profit and a loss is a loss.  At least in the real world that's how it works. In the fucked up world of GAAP accounting you can call numbers anything you want.  That's why we have a shitty broken-down financial system.  

    What is the opposite of profit? A loss. Just as we see on financials of every company reporting a loss they show a negative profit because it corresponds directly to that line in the reporting.

    I agree with Horace as this not being the way I would present the info but to say that you can't have the opposite of profit or that the word 'loss' is the only way (as opposed to the best way) to refer to a negative profit is not correct as it done and it is understood what a minus before a dollar sign means.
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