Mailbox app reservations go live in App Store



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    Studio 54 .... This waiting online thing is ridiculous. As John.b says - hype ware. I wasn't waiting for this app with baited breath... I never heard of this app until read the article a few hours ago and decided to download the free app to see what the fuss was about. LOL, too funny.
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    I receive a error : "Failed to Authorise"


    The information you entered was rejected by Gmail. Please try again.


    After 3 times, and I'm sure all my informations are ok.

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    Great, somebody else rummaging through all my email looking for information to sell.
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    r1skor1sko Posts: 30member


    Originally Posted by SpamSandwich View Post

    Looks somewhat interesting. Maybe a preemptive purchase of the company and assets is in order for Apple...

    I sure seems like it. This reservation process seems very odd. At this point it is a hype. The user ratings are either 5 star, or one star from those who are frustrated with the registration wait. Bottom line, it this can't be your default mail app it is useless.

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    Failed to authorized... 


    it seems they might have fixed this walkaround

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    Originally Posted by Brendan L View Post


    Want into Mailbox app early? Here's how to get past the countdown screen and into the app before your invitation time.

    First, make sure Mailbox is completely closed.

    Download iExplorer for your computer, copy the preferences plist to your computer (in App->Library->Preferences, its named com.orchestra.v2.plist), open it with a text editor capable of viewing a Plist (recommendations below) and find the key '' and change the word <false/> to <true/> for the entry immediately below it. Save the file.

    On Mac, you'll need Xcode or TextWrangler (I used TextWrangler, free on the App Store) to open the Plist.

    On Windows, you will need special software to actually get a readable plist file. I found plist Editor to work:[2]

    Then move it back and overwrite the old one using iExplorer.

    Launch Mailbox and you're in!

    Edit: A bit more step-by-step for iExplorer is below:

    After you install iExplorer, plug in your phone.

    In iExplorer click on your phone, and open the 'Apps' section.

    1. Open the Mailbox app.

    2. Open The Folder 'Library->Preferences'

    3. Copy out the file I listed above, and edit it in a text editor as described above.

    4. Drag the saved, modified file back into iExplorer into the Preferences folder and overwrite the old file.

    Then launch Mailbox. (Make sure mailbox was force quite during all of this)

    You, sir, are the man.

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    McManFelix's hint does not seem to work. Any suggestions for Mailboxapp version 1.0.1?

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    it really is just rounded corners, soft colors, and flipboard-ish transitions on an email client. The code should be written in a week. The "cloud services" (servers) would be up in a weekend, it only means that the launch holdup is financial. How to monetize. Ads? Data harvest? Selling licenses to their email client?

    People stood in line for Dropbox because they wanted a place to store stuff. People stood in line for twitter because they liked the novelty of sending quick tiny messages, and people hunted for invites to gmail because they needed a better email service. I just don't see people waiting for an email client.

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    john.b wrote: »
    <div class="quote-container"> <span>Quote:</span> <div class="quote-block"> Originally Posted by <strong>Pooch</strong> <a href="/t/155860/mailbox-app-reservations-go-live-in-app-store#post_2273053"><img alt="View Post" class="inlineimg" src="/img/forum/go_quote.gif" /></a><br /> <br /> a reservations system? so i can upload my userids and passwords to the mailbox servers and let them check my email for me and then push it to the app?<br /> <br /> am i understanding that correctly? yeah, uhm, no thanks.</div></div><p>  </p><div class="quote-container"> <span>Quote:</span> <div class="quote-block"> Originally Posted by <strong>Mac Bear</strong> <a href="/t/155860/mailbox-app-reservations-go-live-in-app-store#post_2273057"><img alt="View Post" class="inlineimg" src="/img/forum/go_quote.gif" /></a><br /> <br /> I have looked at their confidentiality statement and I am not sure I want to use this app. They store my emails and contact apparently. I am not sure I see why a Mail client would do this.</div></div><p>  </p><p> People lining up -- in a virtual line -- to hand over their Google IDs and passwords.  To a company they've never heard of.  So that company can give them access to their <em><strong>own</strong></em> emails and contacts.</p><p>  </p><p> And it's not just email and contract data (though I'm sure that's the honeypot), that is also the login info for a lot of people's documents in Google Apps, files in Google Drive, info from Google+ (for the twelve people who use +)...</p><p>  </p><p> One thing I'm sure of is that I think we'll see a lot more applications use this "waitlist" as a viral "marketing technique" in the next few months...</p>

    Oh, it's ridiculous, like a cyber studio 54 circa 1978 lol. I bet I won't even like the app!!!
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