BMW to deploy iPads and mimic Apple Genius program to serve customers



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    The BMW Genius Everywhere program is set for a nationwide launch next year, according to Advertising Age. The program will put iPads into the hands of college students and other young employees, sending them to the show floor in order to do largely what the Geniuses in Apple retail stores do: answer questions and tell customers how to buy.


    Then they aren't doing as Apple Geniuses do. The Genius position at Apple is not about sales but about tech support. 


    Given that such a basic detail is wrong makes me strongly doubt any other information about Apple's Genius Bar like supposed details about training etc.

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    "Apple wrote:
    [" url="/t/155905/bmw-to-deploy-ipads-and-mimic-apple-genius-program-to-serve-customers#post_2275463"]In related news, a new line of luxury cars will be produced and sold to exclusive customers beginning in Q2 2013. The sales people will all be carrying Android tablets (running 2.3 Gingerbread) and the cars will mostly be marketed towards the Android user base. Interested customers are urged to immediately pre-order, as these vehicles are expected to sell out as quickly as a Microsoft Surface launch.

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    Thank goodness you didn't write "Android Genius." ;-)
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    My daughter and her three teenagers (girl 17, boy14, boy13) tell me that "the jcp" is now the cool place to shop...  uncluttered, fewer SKUs, better selection, good prices, great ads.  They showed me Valentines gifts of shirts and shoes that were priced 50% of comps at other stores.


    The venerable French Boutique known as "Jaques C. Penné" has come a long way in the last few years.


    My 17-year-old granddaughter tells me that she is a little disappointed in the makeup section at JCP -- isn't there an iPad app for that?

    That seems a little weird to me. I've never thought of any chain department store as "cool". I didn't think kids would go that way either.

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    solipsismx wrote: »
    Not that I have a better solution outside Bob Loblaw wearing a glowing red hat that is in the shape of the Apple logo.

    edit: typos

    Aw, you fixed it. "wearing a glowing red hate in the shape of the Apple logo" was the most poetic description of an iPhobe I have ever read.;)
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    Apple's influence is everywhere and growing


    Not according to the [email protected] crowd.

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    Doesn't matter.  My first and only BMW purchase will certainly be my last.  The fact BMW is still in business for putting out such garbage is beyond me.  


    You sure it wasn't one of these?

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    I saw a Samsung shop in Sydney a few months ago, trying to be very much like Apple.

    Saw the Microsoft website the other day, trying to look VERY much like Apple, even the geek wearing the lanyard looks the same as the 'genius' concept of Apple.


    They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. can't wait for Apple to ramp it up a bit more and make all the other stores look ancient. That would be funny.

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    It sounds pretty cool, isn't it? Anyone can say that the variety of high-tech gadgets fitted into today's automobiles is growing almost by the day. It's enough to overwhelm many customers. To address that, BMW says it will be incorporating computer-smart young people to its dealership staffs. They will act as in-house "geniuses." I found similar topic here: BMW Genius Everywhere.

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