Apple's iTunes & accessory sales now greater than every other phone vendor but Samsung

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Having recategorized its reported revenues to highlight accessory sales and iTunes content, apps, software and services (exclusive of major hardware sales), it's now apparent that Apple's "other" business is not just bigger than iPod, but also, by itself, greater than the revenues of any other phone vendor apart from Samsung.

iTunes alone billions bigger than iPod, Xbox

AppleInsider previously noted that Apple is now collecting twice as much from iTunes, software & services as from iPod sales.

It further noted that Apple's "other" businesses are now roughly equal to Microsoft's revenues from its Windows or Business (Office, SharePoint and Exchange) Divisions, and more than a billion dollars greater than Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division (which sells the Xbox, Windows Phone and related products and accessories).

Apple's "other" bigger than the third place phone vendors

A detailing of Apple's "other" revenues by Asymco notes another eye-opening statistic: Apple's iTunes and Accessory revenues have now passed the revenues of any other phone maker outside of Samsung.

Apple's iTunes revenue now bigger than any phone maker apart from Samsung

Apple's "everything else" categories (apart from iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac sales) are now bigger than the company's Mac businessApple's "other revenues" surpassed the total phone revenues of Nokia in the fourth quarter, but have have outstripped the total phone revenues of Google's Motorola, Sony, LG, RIM or HTC for every quarter in 2012, a trend that is continuing in Apple's favor.

Additionally, Asymco points out that Apple's "everything else" categories (apart from iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac sales) are now bigger than the company's Mac business. The company's iTunes revenue alone (not counting accessory sales) is on track to become bigger than the Mac later this year.


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    Well, yeah. This stuff applies to their computer lineup, too. Does Nokia sell computers? RIM? HTC? 


    I realize what's trying to be said here, but you have to look at it with equivalencies. I wonder how well each model of iPhone sells, for example, in comparison to the entire range of phones from someone else.

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    Nokia sells hardware equipment, RIM sells server products, and HTC sells netbooks. They are not exactly the same as Apple. But the fact that Apple's iTunes/apps/accessories alone are greater than the phone businesses of any rival apart from Samsung is pretty significant.

    After all, Nokia, RIM, Sony & HTC are also trying to run music/app stores and sell accessories.

    Apple's sub business is bigger than their entire phone business (and not just smartphones).

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    hill60hill60 Posts: 6,992member

    Of course this revenue also far exceeds the losses Amazon is sustaining.

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    How does that compare with Amazons business?

    Edit: this has just been mentioned
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