Microsoft fixes 'Office for Mac 2011' licensing bug in update

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Microsoft on Monday issued an update to the company's latest Office for Mac suite of productivity software, fixing an issue caused by a recent bug fix released at the end of January.

Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 update brings the software up to version 14.3.1, fixing a licensing problem that would display a warning to users without affecting the programs' operations.

Monday's bug fix repairs the issue first seen when Microsoft last updated Office for Mac less than two weeks ago. In that version, the company patched known problems and added compatibility with an online subscription service called Office 365.

From the release:
Stability is improved
This update fixes an issue that may cause Office 2011 applications to report a problem with Licensing even though the applications continue to run unaffected.
The Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 update requires Mac OS X v10.5.8 or later, while Office 365 needs OS X 10.6 or later to run.


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    Have they fixed the bug which causes the "Office365Service" daemon to crash repeatedly? No mention of this although it COULD be covered within the description of "Stability is improved" which is quite a broad catch-all.
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