Cold water poured on report of Apple TV-related media event next month



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    … I was right with your condescension and snobbery via improper quote trimming RIGHT up until this. Then you lost me.

    So Apple stock being driven to $0.01 per share doesn't harm Apple?

    No, it doesn't (at least not any conceivable swing. A drop to 0.01 would make them easy to buy, but even that doesn't affect their day to day operations - and no one in their right mind thinks the share price will drop to $0.01, anyway). A share price swing has zero impact on Apple. It doesn't affect their cash. It doesn't affect their profitability. It only hurts them if they're buying stock - and they're not.

    Once again, you've proven that your understanding of business is close to zero. This is basic business 101.

    Again, stick to predicting future Apple product sizes. At least then it takes a little while for you to be proven wrong.
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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post


    Can't they? Stock falls, Apple sues for tangible damages caused by slander, everyone shuts up for a good long while.


    Can you think of one case where such a thing was proven based on analyst speculation or predictions? Also do you personally think it would have reached $700 last year if the market was betting on them simply continuing with their existing product line? Their biggest successes have always involved markets with room for expansion. especially markets that allow for some level of diversity. Right now they're ridiculously tied to the state of the phone market, yet we may see the ipad leveraged into an increasing number of areas. Admittedly the smaller sizes compared to a notebook are less annoying in a lot of applications with the extremely high resolution.

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    Of course not.  Apple's too busy twiddling their thumbs while Mr. Market, Samsung, BBRY, hedge fund legends, and the media are beating the snot out of them.

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