Apple's new iPad ad campaign promotes 300,000 apps "for everything you love"



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    Funny how when the boot is on the other foot, the arguments are so neatly reversed.


    Remember when the Mac had a small fraction of the apps available on DOS and Windows, and Mac users said the number didn’t count, as long as the ones you want exist?


    Windows 8 ads are being aired extensively in South Africa, and they are all designed to make the OS look like a toy. Remember when Macs were derided by Windows and DOS users as looking like toys?


    The only real differences are that Apple remains more broadly standards compliant than MS, and still has better overall look and feel, and general system integration. Otherwise the roles are pretty neatly interchanged.

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    Originally Posted by stelligent View Post

    I am not an Android fanatic and generally prefer my iPhones/tablets over my Android phones/tablets (need multiple units for work). Generally speaking, the iOS App Store has a superior menu of exclusive apps. But if you are interested in facts and hype, then it's utterly untrue that there are not any Android-only apps that are useful, productive and/or interesting.


    You have already mis-read me if you actually think I believe that. Not everyone who points out something Apple has in its favor is an irrational zealot.


    There ARE Android-only apps that are "useful, productive and/or interesting." But almost all of them are either relatively small in scale (lack of features/power, or not geared toward productivity) and/or are lacking in ease of use. As near as I can tell. If that's not the case, I would LOVE to be corrected, and would in fact stop making that comparison with iOS. But if my comparison is fair and real, I'm not a zealot for making it.


    There are many kinds of apps. When it comes to system utilities and customizations, Android is kind and iOS's app selection (by design) cannot touch it.


    But I am asking about a particular category of apps: large-scale ones that are feature-packed and all around excellent in design and ease-of-use. I'm not asking that because only those apps matter. I'm asking it because they are a major category that DOES matter.


    If there are many Android exclusives that you think fit that bill, I'd be interested to hear them. Maybe I'll agree, maybe not, but I'd still like to know what Android users feel is on a par with the list of apps I mentioned.


    As for me "finding a definition to dismiss them"--you're accusing me in advance, of something I wouldn't do. If there are truly Android-exclusive apps on a par with the iOS apps I mention (and I'm sure there must be some) I will be glad to know of them. If you truly believe Android has as many such apps as iOS (which, from your post, I don't think you believe) then I'm eager to see evidence.


    If not, then we agree: "Generally speaking, the iOS App Store has a superior menu of exclusive apps."


    We may not agree that it matters. Fair enough. I think it matters a lot.




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    Now, how many of those 300.000 will you actually use or buy?

    Anyways I would rather go with Win8Pro hybrid.



    You'd typically only use a few dozen great apps, on iOS. On Android, maybe 1 or 2 (great ones) if that's all you can find! The big selection, and the quality of selection, does matter.


    Are there a lot of great tablet-optimized apps like the ones I listed, that are exclusives for either Android or Windows 8 "Metro"? I'm sincerely asking.


    Here's that list again--just the ones I personally know of without having to research:


    ArtRage, GarageBand, Procreate, Inkpad, Pages, Numbers, iMovie, Keynote, Textastic, iDraw, iTunes U, OmniGraffle, iPhoto, Bento, Omni Outliner, ArtStudio, NanoStudio, Diet Coda, Intaglio, Freeform, TouchUp, iTeleport, ReBirth.

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    In basis there are two software platforms that have these features
    more apps, designed for tablets (10 inch), for phones (3.5/4 inch)

    includes:android, windows and there variants
    Designed for phones (4 inch/ 5 inch)
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    Imagine if the market had:


    • iOS 7 and beyond


    • Metro without Ballmer trying to chain it to Windows


    • Open WebOS crawling back to life!


    • Some totally new OS from Samsung that surprises us all (just as Microsoft did)--hey, you never know


    • Amazon (or someone?) forking Android into a new direction, an Apple-style ecosystem that isn't compatible with Android anymore but becomes a worthy new thing


    • Regular Android is left on Motorola--but Google stops catering to all the different handset makers and focuses on Motorola, where they can insist on timely updates and control the whole thing better, advancing Android AND Android apps faster than is possible on the current fragmented Android "platform"


    • Misc. cheap handsets can still use the "old" Android--it's still open source--for glorified feature phones


    Now THAT'S some choice!

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