Apple takes new direction with iPad ads 'Alive' and 'Together'

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Apple on Sunday released two new TV commercials for the iPad and iPad mini, each having a catchy new flavor not seen in previous campaigns.

The two advertisements, appropriately titled "Alive" and "Together," both start out with a flurry of adjectives shown in quick succession to the beat of a drum, each highlighting one of the over 300,000 apps made specifically for iPad.

Apple's new ads focus on the software driving its tablet lineup, an ecosystem exclusive to iOS that rivals have yet to match.

As for the commercials themselves, the upbeat and fast-paced music is a departure from previous spots that were more subdued, with a single narrator describing various hardware attributes. The most recent ads, especially for the iPhone 5, were somewhat humorous compared to the usual "classy" promotions put out by the company.

AppleInsider on Saturday offered a first look at Apple's accompanying print campaign, which features the same software-focused scheme as today's TV spots.


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    Unless those words are part of the song, I don't think they should be there. They just don't seem needed, but that's me.


    Liking the ads otherwise, though. I've always liked both kinds of these ads: the white ones that take place in a void highlight specific apps and their capabilities (as well as the capabilities of the device), while the ones in blurry homes, offices, and what have you are warmer, richer, and show the devices in use within a setting. The latter has the focus is on the device's integration into a life, while the former is the doorway to that life. 

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    I hate to say it but those look and sound retro which is probably not the intention. They kind of remind me of Sesame Street and Beach Blanket Bingo crossed.
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    robmrobm Posts: 1,068member

    They are 30 sec spots. Only so much you can do.

    I like the fast paced music and focus words.

    Ive watched both about 20 times now - hey, I make ads, therefore like to analyse them somewhat,

    while still trying to remain objective.


    I think they succeed.

    Watch the copycat ads from competitors soon - as they try to blur the line between brands in consumers minds.


    They've probably got another 3-4 versions in the can already.

    Classic bait and switch if the opposition responds.

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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,547moderator
    These clearly only appeal to a demographic comprised of people who go around shouting out random words in public¡

    I like that they managed to keep them consistent with the other iPad ads but put a different slant on how they apply the words to the apps. I prefer the old ones but the new ones are a good addition to the series:




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    Apple making a slightly different style of app to appeal to a slightly different part of the potential audience. How dare they? They can't change anything or it's instantly garbage. Apple has jumped the shark, they are doomed, fire Tim Cook.

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    slurpyslurpy Posts: 5,317member
    Good ads. I like them. They highlight was makes the iPad leagues ahead of any other tablet out there, and its biggest differentiator and selling point: By far the best and most numerous tablet optimized apps.
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    jakebjakeb Posts: 559member

    The crowd-shout thing seemed a little weird at first, but I like it. In the past *some* people have seen Apple as smug and elitist. Partly due to the tone of the narrators' voices in the ads. A big crowd of people yelling a word neutralizes the smug. It also drives home without saying it explicitly: "lots and lots of people have iPads and love them".

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    jakebjakeb Posts: 559member
    Actually just saw the ads on TV during the Oscars. There were also Samsung commercials for the Note II. The Apple commercials killed it. Simple, understandable, made the iPad look like a fun magical device. The Samsung commercials were incomprehensible. Something about an office of a video game company making a game called Unicorn Apocalypse and Tim Burton was going to make a movie about the game that they just made? I have no idea, it was impossible to follow and had nothing to do with the phone at all.
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    Does anyone know if the music is original for the commercials or is it the product of samples ? If samples, does anyone know what the original song/songs is/are ? Thanks
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