Rotten rumors of impossible Apple stock split helps fund manager clear profits



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    "Apple wrote:
    [" url="/t/156189/rotten-rumors-of-impossible-apple-stock-split-helps-fund-manager-clear-profits/30#post_2284570"]I'm not defending any of the douchebags and stock manipulators, but if the stock market is too much risk for some people, then they should put their money into other less risky investments and be happy with less return.
    But weed hopper. The drive is for all to have pensions / social security in the market as "private" is always better than any government. So these fine folks have even more $ to manipulate on something we depend upon as we live longer on less. Think about it as the nimrods (including your personal congress critter) want to save you more from the evil government.
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    Originally Posted by jragosta View Post

    No, it's idiotic to be investing without an understanding of finance. At age 28, you should have a variety of investments ranging from low risk/low return to high risk/high return. Classical finance says that your risk profile should be highest when you're young and decrease as you get older.

    Now, the percentage you choose to put into high risk investments will vary depending on your risk tolerance and market conditions, but suggesting that a young person avoid the stock market entirely is bad advice.

    If your risk tolerance is low, then you might choose to avoid individual stocks, but still invest in index funds. Or even hedged indexed funds.


    Well, last year I doubled up, this year I'm up 20% so far.  All on moderately volatile mid-large cap stocks, mostly on Asian exchanges...  


    Maybe I should have rephrased and said "It's idiotic to be trading money that you need for your retirement and/or well-being...  in the next few years".  I'm not suggesting a young person avoid the stock market...


    I do agree with your analysis though.  You should take more risks when you're young, and have time to learn from them, and recover.  And yes, if you are risk-averse, any individual stocks are probably a bad bet, index funds, ETFs, etc..., are likely better choices.  

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    Originally Posted by ThePixelDoc View Post

    Rather unfortunately... and again historically... unless there are those willing to sacrifice their lives for justice, and others at the very least are willing to get their hands bloody (not just dirty!)... nothing will change.

    Posting your frustration on a news/blog/forum is NOT going to change anything...period. image

    I hope they split the stock, just for psychological reasons. People compare Apple's price to Google's, not considering that Apple has already split ~4 times, last time in 2005. Google hasn't split at all.


    Jim Cramer should be under investigation. Sheesh they all have the same defense, 'everybody else says these same things I heard it from them'.  Do they all drink at the same bar? Cramer, though, has an obvious mental illness. If you watch the video those quotes are from you can see he is in a manic phase. Note the pressured, rapid speech, much weirder than his usual antics. Maybe he was off his meds.


    As for Kass et al, aren't any of these guys afraid of other forms of 'foment', like some dude with a weapon coming to visit them? How much longer do they think they can do this shit before some crazy person comes after them? Just asking a rhetorical question...


    the good news for Apple is that Google is now #1 on the Hedge Funds' list, ha!

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    jungmarkjungmark Posts: 6,694member
    mjtomlin wrote: »
    Well like he said, it is partially Apple's fault for having a "code of silence" regarding rumors. When these things hit, Apple should immediately deny (if not true) and then sue these individuals for some sort of slander on behalf of their shareholders. These people are manipulating the market to literally steal money from others. If anything this would make all those that "shoot from the hip" to think twice about starting false rumors.

    So if they don't deny a rumor, does it make it true? Basically analysts can play 20 Qs with rumors in the hopes Apple doesn't deny them and thus making them true.
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    Wow! And I am the biggest Apple Fanboy around, and have been since 1985. Calm down Slurpy.

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    elroth wrote: »
    And hedge fund managers get big tax breaks from the IRS. Right now Republicans won't even talk about closing those loopholes, because they'd rather cut your mother's social security than make hedge fund managers pay fair taxes.

    Where were your white-knight liberals when they controlled the House, Senate and the Presidency? Why didn't they make them pay their fair share then? Could it be that all politicians are in it for the money and that the hedge fund managers make great campaign contributors? Party lines are irrelevant. Government does not care and the SEC is a joke. Money talks and these guys have billions. Just how it is and will never change.
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    Why is he not in jail?
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    Originally Posted by jpellino View Post

    Why is he not in jail?

    Because people listening to dumb rumours makes them stupid, not victims of manipulation....

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    mikeb85 wrote: »
    Because people listening to dumb rumours makes them stupid, not victims of manipulation....

    Hello, fellow sociopath!
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    Where's the SEC when exactly these kinds of things happen?
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