Leap Wireless says iPhone sales falling short, could meet only 50% of first-year commitment



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    Wow. People here have officially become the whiniest little bitches on the boards. (Now am I supposed to say "LOL"?)

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    Who the **** is Cricket? I love how AppleInsider loves splashing these headlines. I don't remember the last headline where carriers exceeded expectations, but I guess this no-name carrier and their numbers is meaningful.

    Either way, I expect the stock to drop another $10 tomorrow even though this probably has nothing to do with iPhones and everything to do with the carriers ability to sell product.


    I'm sure it is failing appeal of the iPhone that does it.  It couldn't be the call quality, or data download speeds or anything else so it must be Apple.

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    The Verge correctly reports that Cricket has recently lost 600,000 subscribers. That and their shoddy service may better explain things.

    CEO covering his a..
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