Mozilla Firefox not coming to iPhone, iPad until Apple relaxes iOS browser rules



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    I think Apple should be less strict with third-party browsers as users have preferences and want more compatible options for browsers. I personally like Firefox as a browser as well as an add-on builder which I would like to have on my iPad. I have found Firefox to be a great browser with its additional tools since I started developing FireFox Add-ons with the Add-on Builder and SDK. It is a great work for developers and people venturing into creating their own add-ons.
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    "For instance, look at how Safari and Chrome, despite being based on the same engine, look and feel different and have rapidly progressed in competition."

    It's possible in the desktop OS world, but still impossible on iOS.

    On iOS, non-Safari browsers cannot fully benefit from WebKit hardware optimizations and thus will be slower and less user-friendly than Safari anyway. This is not often mentioned as it sounds too technical, but the impact on the app usability is significant.

    Besides, Safari comes as default and this is not going to change.

    Honestly, I'm not sure if relaxing the rules for browser vendors will eventually benefit users on iOS, it sounds like "browser vendor competition vs better iOS security" to me for now; however, as long as Android has a significant market share, antitrust laws are unlikely applicable to the case.

    If dear Apple enables WebKit optimizations for 3d party app vendors , this will definitely benefit users, security won't suffer, but Apple's native advantages over competitors may get.. well%u2026 not so big.
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    enjourni wrote: »
    I agree with Firefox on this. IMHO there's no reason apple should lock out anything non-Webkit based, unless they are deliberately trying to get people to stay with Safari. (Or to kill FF on purpose, who they know doesn't use webkit.)

    I mean seriously, if people want to use an app that renders in something other then webkit, why should apple stop them? It doesn't make any sense. If the app renders poorly and sucks, people will just not download it. There's no threat to safari. Unless apple wants to pretend webkit numbers are safari numbers?

    And to not allow you to set a different default browser just smells of monopoly. What's next, no 3rd party browsers on the Mac?

    Yes I know a lot of people don't want and/or hate firefox, but the point is to have choice, not artificial barriers.

    Your post could have come from Jerry Fletcher.

    As others have said, this is not the same as IE. This is not a monopoly. I don't hear anyone complaining of a lack of browser choice on all those Samsung feature flip phones. Firefox, are you listening? I demand Firefox on my Samsung Gusto 2!!!! If Apple doesn't want it, we'll take it! Break the monopoly!!!
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    johnnashjohnnash Posts: 129member

    Dear Firefox,







    IPhone Users

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    I don't care. I only use Safari on my Mac, iPad, and iPhone.


    Tried some other browsers and went right back to Safari.

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    pendergastpendergast Posts: 1,358member
    technarchy wrote: »
    I don't care. I only use Safari on my Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

    Tried some other browsers and went right back to Safari.

    Safari 6 is much better than any alternative currently available for the Mac.

    I couldn't say the same for previous versions, but 6 really got it right.
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    Originally Posted by Dookie Howsre View Post

    I don't see those comments as grouchy. People are just sick and tired of Mozilla trying to mandate someone else's OS for ONE application.

    If Mozilla doesn't like it they just need to stuff it and shut up and quit acting like it's Apple's fault they're too dumb and lazy to use WebKit.

    I missed the stupidity of that comment. 


    You do realize that what is "dumb and lazy" is precisely to "use Webkit"?

    The guys at Mozilla have their own rendering engine, which is far from easy to achieve, given the fact that multi-billion Microsoft never really succeeded, or that Apple had to "borrow" KDE's engine for Webkit.


    So maybe, put your foot in your mouth?

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    lightknightlightknight Posts: 2,312member


    Originally Posted by johnnash View Post

    Dear Firefox,







    IPhone Users

    Dear johnnash, thank you for speaking for me. That was generous of you to try to avoid me the effort. 

    Please make sure you understand my wishes properly next time though.




    another iPhone User who doesn't agree with you.

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    Originally Posted by SolipsismX View Post

    1) Apple isn't locking out anything that isn't Safari. You know this because the Mac allows any browser you wish. You can also choose not to use an Apple product if you wish.

    2) Apple isn't denying the creation or use of any other browser on iOS. There are many browsers in the App Store, including some that use server-side rendering. What they don't allow is for additional engines to be run on iOS, and for good reason.

    3) Do you think Firefox OS will let you run WebKit and Trident-based browsers on their system?

    1) Starting last OS, you need to know how to ctr+click to install "any browser you wish". That rules my family out. The point of choice seems to escape Apple fanboys, and this is seriously scary. Though it does feel like all Microsoft fanboys bought-in Apple fanboyism these days.


    2)The whole point of a browser with the same engine, to be honest, escapes me. What I've seen is "browsers" that actually display information "browsed" on a server (Opera, if I'm not mistaken?), and a series of sub-Safaris that "offer" a different, and sub-optimal, browsing UI. What I want, obviously, from another browser, is to be another browser, not the same browser with a theme/skin applied.


    3) Yes.

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    Mozilla does still think about getting the Firefox for iPad browser ready for Apple OS as there are many of us that would like to have Mozilla Firefox browser on our iPads there is just no fixed time frame at the moment, on another note succumbing to Apple rules Mozilla Firefox iPad would just be a Safari in a different skin.

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