Samsung topped Apple, Lenovo in China's smartphone market for 2012



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    Originally Posted by Constable Odo View Post

    A commanding lead in profit share is getting Apple shareholders nothing in return.


    Well, you know, it's getting them profit. 

    The only thing that matters to Wall Street is outright sales even if margins are slim. 


    Well, no, they care about profit and revenue. Because, you know, that's money for them. Sales gives them absolutely nothing in return.

    You think it was from a loss of overall profits. No. It was because iPhone profit margins dropped and Apple didn't sell as many iPhones as Wall Street expected. 


    More profit than ever before, higher revenue than ever before…

    Everyone that matters believes it was because people stopped buying iPhones in order to buy Samsung Galaxy S IIIs.

    These people that "matter"? They don't matter.

    Apple's market share losses will only get worse in 2013


    Oh, you want to bet?


    Stop posting nonsense.

    Originally Posted by Lerxt View Post

    iPhones are becoming much less popular in China, I see it every day. Apple needs to innovate fast...more screen sizes and more cool tech.


    No, not in the slightest.

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    Originally Posted by PhilBoogie View Post

    Why wuld Apple be in serious trouble if their competitor is going to sell a phone for $499? Never has been a problem before.

    So Apple fans aren't rich?

    I'm sure everyone cares about spending money, now more than ever.

    Should people keep their AAPL if Samsung announces it for less than $499? I am completely failing to see the reason for selling your stock based on the price of a competing device, while having so many more products and services. Besides, it's all in the software, for which I gladly pay a hypothetical extra $150. To put it in another way, if Samsung made the exact same phone (hardware) but were to sell it for $499 with Android on it I'd buy Apple's with their iOS.


    Do some of you have any idea what annual wages are in countries like China, NTM those in the developing world not doing as well as China?  $150 is not by any means a trivial amount in many places.



    Originally Posted by pedromartins View Post

    you are forgetting that Apple fans = 90% of the worlds population. Those with enough money will buy it because despite being expensive, is a much better product on every single rational metric.


    See above. Not every country has "enough people" with "enough money"......



    Originally Posted by poksi View Post

    Without mid-range and bigger screen model Apple will loose market share further, because the real growth remains now more or less on the market where premium phones don't contribute to premium market share. Falling market share is bad news for developers and then also for Apple. Arrogance is a bad thing...


    "Hoist'd on their own reality distortion field" to some degree, agreed....



    Originally Posted by Drealoth View Post

    I think that Apple needs to do something. I feel like iPhones lately have just been iterative improvements - fantastic hardware and software to be sure, but nothing too exciting over the previous version, whereas Android and Windows Phone have been making leaps of improvements. With the Galaxy Nexus and Jelly Bean 4.2, I think that Android is finally in the same league as Apple - and Apple has gotten a bit complacent as it took five years for competitors to catch up.


    So I'm hoping that this year or next year we see a big shift in Apple's iPhone strategy, to trying to push the envelope more and be a little bit more risky in successive iOS versions. I think we forget that the iPhone itself was a risky device when it was released, and it could very well have been dead on arrival - but had they not tried, Apple wouldn't be half the company it is today. They need more of that.


    Well that's we dunno, in'it?  "The unknown unknowns."



    Originally Posted by Lerxt View Post

    iPhones are becoming much less popular in China, I see it every day. Apple needs to innovate fast...more screen sizes and more cool tech.



    Originally Posted by Rogifan View Post

    I thought it was because iPhones are too expensive.  Now it's because they don't feature enough "cool tech" (whatever that means)?


    Dude's making an observation from his perch in Hong Kong - the already developed China within developing China.... consider his perspective.....  ...I think he's seeing something real enough......

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    Kudos to Samsung for taking a lead in a strategically interesting market. They might have accomplished this by means of cheaper phones or larger screens. Either way, it shouldn't take away from the accomplishment. Having said this, I'm a bit fatigued by comments suggesting that Apple had to "innovate" fast and come up with cheaper, larger phones. Pricing and screen size are marketing decisions, not innovations. This doesn't mean Apple cannot design cheaper and larger phones innovatively, but stop mixing up marketing tactics with engineering finesse. They are not mutually exclusive but they aren't automatically coupled either. Samsung didn't innovate by making a larger phone. Apple will not be copying them if they follow suit.
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    Samsung doesn't need to make money on their phones, they just make up the shortfall on the washer/dryer combinations.

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    "Everyone that matters believes it was because people stopped buying iPhones in order to buy Samsung Galaxy S IIIs."


    Well, except "people" didn't: the YEAR OLD 4s outsold the SIII, the 5 doubled the SIII's sales numbers. While the SIII sequentially declined in sales.

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