Apple's 'budget' iPhone expected to have same 4-inch display as iPhone 5



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    That doesn't make sense.


    What a convincing argument.

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    bdkennedy1 wrote: »
    Apple could very well make a 5" screen for the iPhone 5S. They would just do the same thing they did with the iPhone 5 - put black bars on the left and right of the App. This is what the iPad does when you run an iPhone App on an iPad.

    I can say with certainty that the next iPhone will have a 5" screen. Or maybe a 4.5" screen. Well, a 4" screen is possible. Conceivably a 3.5" screen. Maybe something in between those figures. Or larger than 5" or smaller than 3.5".

    That pretty well sums up the current range of 'confirmed rumors' about screen size. See how ridiculous it is to play that game?

    They really need some kind of accuracy checklist for analysts. Every time they make a prediction that's wrong, they lose points. When they make a prediction that's right, the earn points. It becomes illegal for any media outlet to quote any analyst with a negative score. That might fix the problem - and slow down the ridiculous unending stream of nonsense being thrown around.
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    I call bullshit on this. My iPhone 4S has no issues at all with stutter. If you have issues try restarting, restoring it or something else. My phone is as smooth as can be.


    You're lucky. Mine spits and hiccups from time to time too. Mine isn't bad enough to make me buy a new device, but neither is it "smooth as can be." I do restart mine whenever it does something really egregious (like forget the passwords for my email accounts) and surprisingly it doesn't seem to help the lag/chop very much.


    I still like it though, and since the solution is to throw $800 at the problem, I choose to live with it! image

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