Apple's short-lived retail chief says he 'just didn't fit with the business'



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    Or maybe Cook wanted to improve the bottom line and used this guy as his patsy.


    No, that's not even suggestible.

    Apologising about Maps was a super massive mistake.


    I agree about that. That and hiring the guy are about the only missteps I've seen, but getting rid of him quickly and improving Maps quickly make up for it. 

    4, Team up and help HTC, to eat away some of samdung sales and thunder


    I don't see Apple ever helping anyone using Android. If HTC moves to only Windows Phone 8, well… 

    5. Be more aggressive in media, take up the fight to samdung that constantly belittles Apple


    I think that's a bad idea as much as being defensive is. Go back to not even acknowledging your competition, Apple, except when they lie about your products in their advertising.

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