Dropbox acquires simplified iOS e-mail client Mailbox [u]



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    r1skor1sko Posts: 30member
    I loaded the Mailbox after the silly countdown finally let me install the app, and I admit, it is a great new way to keep your box email box empty every day. One huge drawback for me is the lack of integrating all my email accounts into one inbox. I dumped the app after a week-long frustration of checking my email in multiple apps. As for those who feel that Apple should have made a stronger push to acquire Dropbox, I feel SugarSync is far superior to Dropbox, especially in terms of functionality and features.
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    pxtpxt Posts: 683member
    I hope there will be synergies, such as being able to send an attached file from iOS by referring to one's dropbox file system.

    Also I hope there will be an OSX app on the basis that users should be able to choose the device they work on based on ergonomics, not whether their data and programs are compatible with the device. Keep up the good syncing Dropbox !

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    Ankleskater, don't be so critical. Although Mailbox use gesture to do the trick. The idea of it can be engineered to the desktop way of interaction. Apple MacOSX Mail's approach of scheduling is OK, but it does not have other features that distincts the MailBox from Mail.

    -- Norman
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