BlackBerry CEO calls Apple's iPhone user interface outdated



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    charlitunacharlituna Posts: 7,215member
    Changing a form factor or a UI is not necessarily innovating. This is the lesson these CEOs need to learn and remember.

    Perhaps Apple has changed the UI because they don't want to force folks to start over from scratch in regards to learning how to up use the tech, so it can get out if the way and they can just use it.

    That notion sounds rather innovative to me. Especially when the other side seems to be change everything just to change it.
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    quest01quest01 Posts: 69member
    I hope ios7 doesn't change much, honestly I don't want to see widgets, live wallpapers, swype, and a bunch of software features that you see on some of the android phones. I'm old school, I just want ios7 to look relatively the same as the first ios in 2007. I prefer speed, fluidity, solid battery life over a bunch of features that most people wont use anyways.
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    bdkennedy1bdkennedy1 Posts: 1,459member
    OMG Seriously?
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    LOLZ. Having used an X10 for the first time this weekend, I can say without hesitation that he's tilting at windmills.

    Long and short, the new X10 UI is a bag of hammers. Every app had a different UI, apparently designed at random. This wouldn't be so bad if they were 3rd party apps, but no, these were the out-of-the-box examples.

    I'm sorry to say this as a red-blooded Cannuck, but there's no hunt left in the BB dog.
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    Apple has an outdated UI, Blackberry has an outdated company.
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    thecorethecore Posts: 56member
    Hmmm- are his comments drawn from strength...or experience

    "Since the iPhone launched in 2007, it's had largely the same interface with a grid of icons making users' applications accessible. While that was adequate with the first-generation iPhone, BlackBerry's Thorsten Heins believes it's now antiquated"

    This argument is akin to saying the buttons on the telephone, arranged in a 3x4 grid was antiquated .

    I disagree, The original iphone was a completely different product, The UI which has been updated numerous times was well thought out and functions as it should. If anything, the icons could be updated, but the interface as a whole? Not long BBY anytime soon.
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    charlitunacharlituna Posts: 7,215member


    Originally Posted by quest01 View Post

    I hope ios7 doesn't change much, honestly I don't want to see widgets, live wallpapers, and a bunch of software features that you see on some of the android phones. I'm old school, I just want ios7 to look relatively the same as the first ios in 2007. I prefer speed, fluidity, solid battery life over a bunch of software features.


    Most common users, which are Apple's focus audience, would agree with you.


    the trouble is that folks on a board like this aren't part of that group. They are geeks and tweakers and to them the lack of such things as widgets etc is a total failure. And Apple will keep being a failure until they add it because being able to jailbreak just isn't enough for these folks.

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    hittrj01hittrj01 Posts: 753member


    Originally Posted by jglonek View Post

    One thing that I think absolutely has to be done with iOS7 is cleaning up the Settings. Every time a new feature gets added it gets thrown in there and it's grown into a big mess. Like, why is notification settings for Angry Birds in both the first Settings screen and then in Notifications? Why is there a massive list of apps on the first page of settings at all? Why is VPN in two spots? I could go on.

    Also let us either search for settings or add them to our home screen for quick access.

    Actually I have another example: Go find where to turn on the battery percentage in Settings. Yeah.

    Your Angry Birds example doesn't hold water, though, because there isn't an option for it in Notifications, but that does raise another issue. Why are ALL notifications not handled within Notifications? That seems like something that should be mandated.


    Also, Settings --> General --> Usage --> Battery Usage. I don't think that's too bad, as it's a setting you will turn on and never, ever, ever touch again, unlike WiFi, Bluetooth, or airplane mode. The biggest issue I have with it, is why is it not just on by default, and why is there an option to turn it off at all? Why is it even a setting? It's not in the way of anything else when it's on, and it is much more useful than being off.

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    Just granted UI patent and more
    [IMG ALT="LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01"][/IMG]
    and more is coming..
    i can not tell u more that for secret reason
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    drblankdrblank Posts: 3,383member


    Originally Posted by bullhead View Post

    I hear this from the Microsoft drones and fandroids a lot. it has become a mainstain of their talking points. But specifically, they never mention what is outdated about it? what does not work?

    While not perfect, iOS has a highly intuitive, easy to use interface. It is far better than the horrid Windows Phone OS with is busy flashing squares, text scrolling off the right side of the screen everywhere, primitive block colors, etc... Or androids, iOS copy, with slow motion scrolling, inconsistent experience, unintuitive navigation, etc...

    Apple is not Microsoft who reskins their OS every year as a means to justify its outrageous upgrade cost, or Googles copying of everything Apple does.

    The risk of changing the GUI drastically is that it's not always for the better, and some might stick with the older GUI.  Look at Microsoft, Almost half of their users sill using XP.  Apple is just got an easy to use GUI and what Android OEMs and Blackberry are trying to do is copy Apple enough to be similar, but make changes to make it different like putting the weather on the locked screen and saying how advanced their OS is.


    What it sounds like is the ones that complain are used to playing video games, probably have ADD as a result and they use the OS likes its a video game.

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    rogifanrogifan Posts: 10,669member

    Hey Thornton, Cook knows and that's why Scott Forstall is no longer at Apple. image

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    What Blackberry's CEO is actually saying is they want Apple to come out with something new and innovative to copy.

    In regard to other smartphone UIs, the key with Apple is simplicity. After all, an easy to use smartphone was the primary goal of creating the iPhone in the first place.

    Now others what to or have already added a lot of complexity to their copies of the iPhone. That's OK to do. Keep on trucking. Keep on making it every more complex until it looks like a Windows PC. After all, that is where they are heading.

    The iPhone will continue to be easy enough for a 1 year-old or grandmother to use.
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    asciiascii Posts: 5,941member

    I agree with the comment about Settings needing a tidy up. That would be a good place to start.


    Also, it's already the case that nearly every iOS control is skinnable. They did this so game developers who wanted their controls to match the look of their game could still use the standard controls (i.e. not have to write their own slider or button). So Apple could use this feature themselves.

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    drblankdrblank Posts: 3,383member

    Here's what probably happened.   BB's CEO and head of PR, and they are trying to figure out how to get public attention without spending anymore money, so they figure that bad mouthing the company whom they are copying will get them attention and people will just buy BB phones.

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    rogifanrogifan Posts: 10,669member

    Ok this is a design patent for what?  The UI layout on the iPad?  The names on the patent aren't familiar to me,  not  the guys usually on patents with Forstall.

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    macxpressmacxpress Posts: 4,933member


    Originally Posted by Steven N. View Post

    Try this. Go find an iPhone with OS X for iPhone on it. That was the name they used before iPhone OS and iOS.

    Use it for 1 hour.

    Come back and try to repeat your post with a straight face.


    Uh what?

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    jakebjakeb Posts: 557member
    Honestly, I can't imagine a ton of structural changes. I could easily see more cosmetic changes as we've seen in OsX, getting more matte-looking compared to some of the early versions aqua-look. iOS still has a shiny, aqua feel.
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    UI design and next ipad internal design..
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    macxpressmacxpress Posts: 4,933member


    Originally Posted by lkrupp View Post


    Funny how these posts criticize iOS and demand changes yet fail to offer any concrete suggestions. "No sweeping changes... refresh the interface... new features" the poster laments. So bottom line, just change it for change's sake so we can say it's innovative? Well, we've now seen how this attitude works out with the Galaxy S4 loaded with features only a few geeks will use. But hey, it's 'change' so it must be good, right? To me the S4 has become the Microsoft Office of the smartphone market, bloated with features the average user doesn't even know about much less ever use. 


    The continuing war rages between the tech types and the common user with Apple on the common user's side. Just take a peek at Andy Ihnatko's 6000 word geek manifesto on why he switched to Android and you'll see the contrasting ideologies. Meanwhile even the enterprise is opting for ease of use with iOS.



    You can still refresh the interface without making changes, or making it hard to use. I didn't say just make it look completely different. Of course that would be stupid. My OS X example was what I was going for. The interface looks the same, but it UI has been updated a few times to keep it current. You can do both without losing people. 


    BTW...I like how you immediately went for the iOS vs Android thing. Very nice...

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    rogifan wrote: »
    Ok this is a design patent for what?  The UI layout on the iPad?  The names on the patent aren't familiar to me,  not  the guys usually on patents with Forstall.
    sorry again
    UI design and next gen ipad internal design..
    It will be a pakka elegant
    ios 7 will be the first 64 bit os with next gen 64 bit processor. (guess possibly dual core/quad core)
    it is enough powerful to beat all hardware on the market
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