Samsung hopes new jury trial with Apple will nullify patent infringement of 14 products



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    And $1,000,000,000 isn't sufficient punishment.

    Citation needed.
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    Originally Posted by nikon133 View Post

    Citation needed.


    Revenue of all Samsung phones since 2009 - $1,000,000,000 = sufficient.

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    mechanicmechanic Posts: 805member

    There seems to be on Samsung and many who read about the 40% of the damages thrown out that Samsung can indeed get a new trial on the whole Jury Trial Case with the damages being thrown out.  This is just not the case.  The reason the 40% was thrown out was because the jury made mistakes calculating the damages owed for the items that were found to be infringed and Samsungs lawyers pointed that out.  So the judge ruled that the new trial was necessary to calculate the proper  damages only.  In fact if you follow the trial on Foss Patents and Scribed, Samsung may end up owing more to apple than at first if the calculations for the 40% come out in there favor.


    The above is a separate trial from the Appeal Samsung has already filed to get all of the First Jury Trial changed or as much as possible.  Apple is appealing the parts of the first jury trial that they did not win as well.

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