Leaked roadmap shows off BlackBerry's new iPad competitor, phablet



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    First Facebook, and now Blackberry are touted as iPad competitors. The iPad has no competitors as it stands in a market of its own (full size or mini, might even include the iPod Touch) -- the rest of the overcrowded tablet/phablet market competes with each other, along with Amazon's Fire (or whatever it's called) and the gazillion ebook readers.

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    Originally Posted by crysisftw View Post

    I won't joke. I was recently gifted a BlackBerry. It is the dumbest phone of all time. Why I wonder, have they come this far?

    Because when they came on the scene they were the smartest phone of all time.

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    Wow, Blackberry's offerings may end up being almost as nice as the upcoming, rumored Facebook Phone. HA! All Apple has to do to re-launch its revolution is to offer the iPhone in a variety of different colors. BAM!

    What RIM, Samsung, Google and the rest don't understand is that people WANT to have Apple devices because they are cool. All Apple has to do is keep its stuff "cool". Change up the colors people, it's time!
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    alexmitalexmit Posts: 112member
    OOOOH! Another phablet. How phabuluous. I wish my iPad was a phone. <--- Sarcasm
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    Originally Posted by Apple ][ View Post


    Apparently, the threshold for being named an "iPad competitor" is quite low.


    Well, if one of Apple's rivals offers a product in the iPad's genre for sale, it's de facto an iPad competitor. That doesn't assure it any success, though, as many have found out the hard way.

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    Originally Posted by helicopterben View Post

    ...I am not switching from any apple products and its ecosystem to any other company. Keep on trying I am sticking with Apple for years and years to come!

    Agreed! I take it one step further. I won't buy any tech devices, unless they are made by Apple.


    But if I can avoid it, I will.


    Maybe the  Nest. 



    P.S. I hear what people say about competition is good for Apple and us. And I agree to some extent. But unlike most other companies, Apple's DNA is to stay 5-10 years ahead of the competition and I think they pretty much do that. I mean look at the evolution of the iPod and MBA/MBP. Apple has ~75% of the MP3 player market and yet still radically improves the iPod almost yearly. They have ~100% of the $1000+ Laptop market and again, improve the line incessantly. Same with the iPad and iPhone. This and the Apple ecosystem is why I will never buy clunky tech from its competitors! :)

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    Originally Posted by Fake_William_Shatner View Post


    I agree. Though I like Apple products -- at times people here can be reflexively critical of anything daring to compete with Apple. It sounds shrill and immature. I'm glad you are pointing out that this is just healthy competition; and it's good that Blackberry is trying to innovate -- hopefully they are successful with that as it enriches the marketplace, rather than a lawsuit turf war that Android and Samsung have created.


    There's nothing wrong with competition but the fact is Blackberry is losing customers in droves, regardless of whether or not those customers are choosing Apple instead.

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    lobolobo Posts: 3member
    This road map looks incomplete. Four more phones are to be introduced this year after the Q10.
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    hftshfts Posts: 386member
    I would prefer BB be successful than any of the android tablets and phones.
    Sure they irked me with amateur hour is over crap and laughing when the iPhone first came out, but they had two morons running the company, so what else would you expect.
    Gad, I would even prefer Microsoft be more successful than the android garbage.
    I do however think that BB made a huge mistake in allowing for porting android apps, lets hope they have a really robust QA system in place to handle the malware and viruses.
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    maccherrymaccherry Posts: 924member
    That roadmap looks like a portion of an intro to an early 80's tech show.
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    Apple Insider just recognized me. Disregard comment. It's been two years!
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    Originally Posted by nagromme View Post

    I do like those designs. I like the thick white edging around the black bezels--striking and unique, and complemented by thick white stripes on the keyboard models. And the UI looks to be entirely white--something I've not seen before. I'm intrigued!


    God help you! Those are iconish drawings, not real product!

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    Originally Posted by SpamSandwich View Post


    There's nothing wrong with competition but the fact is Blackberry is losing customers in droves, regardless of whether or not those customers are choosing Apple instead.


    Blackberry is NOT losing customers, they are just not acquiring new ones very fast. CHeck your sources.

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    Originally Posted by igriv View Post


    Blackberry is NOT losing customers, they are just not acquiring new ones very fast.




    They are selling 50% of the Blackberrys they were selling just a couple of years ago.

    4 million subscribers lost in six months.





     CHeck your sources.

    Check yours! (Not your ass or navel)

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