Tele2 officially activates 4G LTE for Apple's iPhone and iPad in Sweden

in iPhone edited January 2014
Months after Apple's iPhone 5 launched in Sweden, cellular operator Tele2 has finally enabled 4G LTE for the device after getting approval to do so in January.

iPhone 5 Sweden
Tele2's iPhone 5 webpage. | Source: Tele2

The announcement (via media relations firm Cision), spotted by AppleInsider reader Carl-Johan, notes all compatible Apple devices, including the iPhone 5, iPad and iPad mini, will be able to access Tele2's fast 4G network in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malm?.

Apple's LTE network availability webpage confirms the arrival in Sweden, with the GSM A1429 iPhone 5 model now able to operate on the 1800MHz band.

Out of the four major wireless telecoms in the country, three operate a 4G network compatible with Apple's baseband chipset. Tele2 and Telenor are reportedly partners in rolling out one 4G-capable network, while Telia is currently working on its own. Tele2 is the first carrier to provide LTE on Apple friendly bandwidths.

The iPhone 5 debuted in Sweden one week after the device's initial nine-country launch in September of 2012, though users have had to forego fast data speeds as the country's carriers built out their 4G networks.


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    In Sweden we have had 4G since 14 December 2009, the article makes it seem like we just got 4g. We've had it but it wasn't compatible with the Iphone 5 it was however compatible with Samsung and Nokia phones...
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    Almost the same in Denmark. This is a very weird back page story.
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