Cross-platform messaging app WhatsApp now bigger than Twitter, still touts 'no ads' mantra



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    paxman wrote: »
    You either are a Fightclub fan / afficianado, or you have a very good memory. Unless you cheated of course... ;)

    Yes, yes and no, respectively.

    That may be the only film I've watched with DVD commentary, and I watched it through with all of them.
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    I can't believe there are people on here who haven't heard of Whatsapp. Wilful blindness I suppose. Everybody I know uses Whatsapp.  From my mom, to my cousins in India and Australia to my relatives in the US to my childhood friends now residing in the UK.


    It's attractiveness is precisely that it is cross-platform.  I use it on an Android device.  My mom uses it on her Windows Phone.  My brother uses it on his Blackberry.  My cousin in Australia on his iPhone.


    And it's other attractive quality is cost.  I'd willingly spend more than what they charge to use an app that I can use to communicate with everybody I know without worrying about what type of device they have or annoyance by ads.


    UI does need to improve though.  Not being able to search conversations is by far my biggest annoyance.

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    Not sure if interesting: I recently came across a site ( with a lot of good infos, news trends in the messaging space.
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