Apple taking the wraps off its first Berlin retail store

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Apple's latest retail store, and its first in the city of Berlin, is nearing completion, as employees have begun removing the scaffolding in front of the construction.


The new Apple Store in Berlin is set to open next month, and on Wednesday workers began removing the black, concealing temporary wall that has existed in front of the shop. Pictures of the project were provided by AppleInsider reader Mikey Fritz.

Apple's new Berlin store will be its biggest in Germany. The site used to be home to a movie theater in the city's Ku'damm 26 district.

Ku'damm is the city's most expensive shopping district, located in West Berlin. Apple's new store will be located across from the Hard Rock Cafe.


In recent years, Apple has focused its attention on expanding its highly trafficked retail stores overseas. As of the end of its last quarter, Apple had an average of 396 open retail stores, which hosted a record 121 million visitors during the three-month span.


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    rabbit_coachrabbit_coach Posts: 1,114member
    Why do they bother to open a new store in Berlin?

    Nobody buys any Apple products anymore.

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    Looks like its going to be a pretty incredible looking store!

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    carthusiacarthusia Posts: 582member

    I'm surprised that only after about 400 stores did they open one in Berlin. I expect the traffic there will be mad with pent-up demand.

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    gtrgtr Posts: 3,231member
    Das ist gut.
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    Notice that even the black 'wrapping' around the scaffolding has no wrinkles. That's what I call obsession with detail!

    Ahah, just kidding!
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    msimpsonmsimpson Posts: 452member
    Ich bin ein Fan Boy

    Serve up some Jelly Doughnuts at the grand opening!
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    evilutionevilution Posts: 1,398member
    OMG! Apple have rented an old building and will put a store in there.

    Pretty much like half of all the Apple stores then.
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    waybacmacwaybacmac Posts: 309member

     Ku'damm is slang; the proper name is Kurfürstendamm (ürstendamm). Think New York's 5th Avenue or Los Angeles's Rodeo Drive.


    About bloody time. Imagine if Apple had opened stores in Newark and Philadelphia before New York! image

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