Amazon reportedly developing smartphone with glasses-free 'holographic' 3D display



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    christopher126christopher126 Posts: 4,366member

    If Amazon is involved it will be cheap, i.e., crappy, ad-based and cheesy! Uh, no thanks.


    This goes for Google, MS, and the rest of Apple's competitors! :)

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    christopher126christopher126 Posts: 4,366member


    Originally Posted by monstrosity View Post

    I bet it's crap.

    Ditto! :)

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    timbittimbit Posts: 331member
    future man wrote: »
    Amazon needs to make-up its mind if it is a on-line retail business or an IT business; 'no' you cannot be all things to all people unfortunately as the two businesses are too dis-similar and require totally different management. A firm, any firm, only has finite resources and if it focuses these too thinly, it risks not performing any business well and there develops diversion away from the primary business model - this same market fragmentation happened to Sears and it too can happen to Amazon. 'To thy oneself be true'.

    Walmart is doing this and destroying every store in its path. Idk why they are successful and others who try to "do everything" are not. Amazon has the money to do this stuff, just like Google. Doesn't mean they will be good at it though.
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    elliots11elliots11 Posts: 285member
    I'd say we're just about due for holograms. Will be interesting to see what this is like!
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    Originally Posted by Slurpy View Post

    Weren't "3D" Android phones all the rage a couple years ago? You know, when Apple-bashers used that bullet point, along with "flash", as to why their Android phones were so awesome an iPhone was so pathetic? What happened? Oh yeah, everyone dropped it, because it was complete shit, and a useless gimmick that nobody liked. 


    As for retina tracking technology, I was playing around with an S4 last weekend, and try as I might, I never got the "eye-tracking" bullshit to work properly once. I would have to tilt my head in extreme ways, and once in a while the screen would randomly scroll. I can't understand how Samsung could actually advertise this as a feature that people would use. Oh wait, yes I can. The way to "win" is to throw as much shittily implemented, gimmick features into your devices as possible, so you have an infinite bullet list of infuriating, useless features that "proves" how much better the phone is than an iPhone. 


    As for Kindles, I have yet to see a single Kindle Fire in the wild. I'm sure it's a run-away success, so much so that Amazon prefers to keep those sales figures secret. 


    That was when Android phones had "tiny" screens.

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    palominepalomine Posts: 362member
    You are correct Futureman. In addition to all that other stuff they are trying to juggle, Amazon was in a race with Spacex and another company whose name escapes me at the moment, to win a government contract. Spacex won, the other company won recognition but Bezos' model was rejected.

    I can see some major E G O at work here with mr.Bezos. What an airbag. This should be the classic American riches to rags story , the opposite of what I said in 1997 about Steve Jobs. I KNEW Jobs was hell bent on redemption and I bought stock! Sometimes the simplest things are so important.
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    suddenly newtonsuddenly newton Posts: 13,812member
    scotty321 wrote: »
    Someday, these tech companies will wake up & realize that nobody cares about 3D.

    Sony's way ahead of the curve then.
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    bigmikebigmike Posts: 262member
    "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope."
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    It's called autostereoscopic 3D, and the Nintendo 3DS already uses it.


    I've always felt that it's the only meaningful way to show me something 3D. I am NOT going to wear glasses to do anything. 

    Originally Posted by jason98 View Post

    Are you are not interested in futuristic 3d tablets shown in the movie Avatar? I thought it looked cool.


    Representations of future displays are ALWAYS wrong in at least one of three ways.


    1. The UI has two colors.

    2. The medium on which it is being displayed is transparent.

    3. If touchscreen, the gestures are objectively wrong.

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    Originally Posted by malta View Post


    Considering the obesity problem in the US, this might not be a bad thing.


    I think the Kinect already pretty much proved the point. And, it isn't exactly curing the obesity problem. 


    Couch potatoes do love their couch potato time. Maybe the retina-based/arm-wavy interfaces will find a happy medium there…

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    Instead of concentrating on the small screen as a 3D display , Apple should be working on a bug screen 3D display (ie. a TV) and using the iPhones and iPads to create 3D content for their display. A perfect "walled garden" for their business:

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    Instead of using the small screens as a 3D display Apple should concentrate on a large screen 3D display (e.g. a TV).



    And use the small devices like the iPhone to create the 3D video content.


    A perfect "walled garden" business proposition if I ever saw one.


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    Originally Posted by BlackSpruce View Post




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