Amazon launches, gives away millions in Amazon Coins to spur app downloads on Kindle Fire



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    diplicationdiplication Posts: 607member
    When you peel the virtual gold foil off of these coins, do you end up with a piece of virtual chocolate?
    Mmm, tasty!
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    elrothelroth Posts: 1,201member


    Originally Posted by Applelunatic View Post

    I'm pretty sure the phrase would be latest bid not latest bit.

    Being as one use of the word "bit" is for a comedy skit, I think it could be appropriate.

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    caliminiuscaliminius Posts: 944member
    maestro64 wrote: »
    When your product is not good enough to for people to pay for it, why not give them freebies.

    Like the Pepsi/iTunes promotions in the early days of the ipod where millions of songs were given away for free?
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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 21,296member

    Interesting Amazon purchase today. They snapped up a display maker, Liquavista. So now Amazon is getting into component company ownership too.

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    festerfeetfesterfeet Posts: 108member

    Amazon seem to have an economic model that is all about selling content. It widely agreed that they are making nothing or next to nothing on the hardware and have to make it up by getting people to buy apps and other media.


    I am guessing that they are finding too few of their customers are regularly buying content and so a way to get them in the habit of accessing the app store etc would be served well by a $5 dollar token. It might just get a few more to decide whether it is a facility they want to use or not at no cost to the individual. 

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    Originally Posted by Timbit View Post

    I hate virtual money. You buy something and have 3 coins left which will never be able to be used or converted back to real money. Just use real money! And really? 5 whole dollars! "Honey I'm retiring! We hit the jackpot!"


    See, when you spend Amazon's "funny money" you get "strange change" after the transaction. A smart investor would ask Amazon to send him his change. Maybe in 20 years, they could be collector's items.

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