Google+ for iOS gets enhanced photo capabilities, Google Offers in update

in iPhone edited January 2014
Google on Tuesday rolled out Google+ number 43, the designation assigned to the company's latest iOS app, which brings a host of new features for Google+ Photos, Hangouts and user streams.


Receiving the most attention in the Google+ version 4.4.0 update is Google+ Photos, which offers a new Auto Enhance feature to fix images with a single tap. In addition, Auto Backup, Auto Highlight and Auto Awesome control are now available for easier content control.

Sorting and sharing of photos from iOS Photos or Photo Stream has also been improved to include short animations, panoramas and other image types.

Also of note is a redirect to the Hangouts standalone app, which was broken out of Google+ to handle messaging and video calls duties.

On the stream side, new interactive Google Offer posts will now appear in users' streams, while strikethrough text and comment editing are now supported.

Finally, users can upload cover photos in-app, browse content through hashtags and edit a wider selection of profile fields.

From the release notes:
New Google+ Photos features keep photos organized and looking their best
* Make your photos look even better with Auto Enhance
* Browse highlights from all your photos
* Share short animations, panoramas, and more
- Hangouts has moved to it?s own app for messaging and video calls
- Discover interesting content via related hashtags
- Ability to edit more profile fields and upload a cover photo
- New interactive Google Offer posts in the stream
- Control how often What?s Hot posts appear in your stream
- Support for displaying strikethrough text
- Ability to edit comments
- Ability to copy the post's permalink
Google+ comes in at 28.5MB and can be downloaded for free from the App Store.


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    crossladcrosslad Posts: 494member
    No thanks. Nothing I can't already do in iOS without having Google steal my personal information.
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 31,125member
    I agree. All of these aggressive incursions against user privacy have caused me to drop or ignore most functions.
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    gtrgtr Posts: 3,231member

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    Google Hangout is banned in China where as WhatApp is working. That means the majority of the world will stay with WhatApp.
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    Trust me even in the developed worlds nobody uses any messaging app by Google. 

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    timbittimbit Posts: 331member
    I used this for all of 2 weeks when Facebook started going south. Then i realized how much it sucked and I've never used it since. Which reminds me, I should delete it off my iphone lol
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    applezillaapplezilla Posts: 941member

    What's Google+?

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