Hulu Plus for iPad gets redesign with a focus on content discovery

in iPad edited January 2014
Hulu users that enjoy the streaming service on Apple's iPad can now download a new version of the app, one that features a full redesign, new capabilities, and features aimed at making discovering content easier than before.

Hulu Plus version 3.0 adds the ability to minimize a video during playback by tapping an icon or pinching the video. Doing so shrinks the video down to occupy only a section of the bottom portion of the screen, allowing users to continue to browse content even while their current show keeps playing.

Users can also tap on an image of an episode, show, or season to discover more information about it in the discovery panel. The update also adds the ability to check out collections of editorially curated video content, as well as the option to watch clips and short-form content inline.

Hulu Plus v3.0 is now available as a free download in the iTunes App Store. The 12.3MB download is compatible iPads and iPad minis running iOS 5.0 or later.


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    gazoobeegazoobee Posts: 3,754member

    Who cares?  wake me up when this app is available outside of the USA.  


    Less than half of iOS users are in the USA and half or more of the readership of the average tech blog is outside of the USA also. 

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    jfc1138jfc1138 Posts: 3,090member

    Thanks for the heads up. Loaded it and found, somewhat to my surprise, that it IS an improvement. Glad they realized content discovery is a huge deal with that sort of service (my biggest beef with the NetFlix version).

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