Facebook for iOS adds privacy options and status icons in update

in iPhone edited January 2014
Facebook on Tuesday released an update for its iOS app, bringing new sharing controls for posts, status icons and the ability to start conversations from a photo received in messages.


While not a major update, Facebook version 6.2 brings a few functional improvements to the universal iOS app, including moves to push the use of graphics in lieu of text.

The new icons feature allows users to set and view a stylized emoticon character for their status alongside the usual text. There is a wide selection of icons from which to choose, including "Feeling, Watching, Reading, Listening to, Drinking, Eating, and Playing."

Users also have more control over who can view their posts by clicking on the small arrow on the top right of a post's box. The feature is in line with Facebook's recent push toward a safer and more secure user experience.

Finally, Facebook now allows users to start conversations from photos received in messages.

Facebook for iOS comes in at 33.2MB and can be downloaded for free from the App Store.


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    starbird73starbird73 Posts: 538member
    Hopefully the generic "Bug fices" include the battery drain issues uncovered (but never admitted by Facebook) that developer found.
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    timbittimbit Posts: 331member
    They need to fix the slow loading times and the "showing of most recent updates" (as it takes usually 3 refresh "pull downs" to get the most current information)
    The app itself is terrible and slow and freezes. Needs revamping.... Again
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    Guess what hitting the 'Privacy' button does?

    Quits the app!
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    philboogiephilboogie Posts: 7,671member
    Facebook for iOS adds privacy options...

    LOL, good one. Keep trying, Suck My Berg.
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