Dropbox iOS app gets swipe gesture support, multi-photo sharing

in iPhone edited January 2014
Dropbox on Tuesday updated its iOS app, bringing swipe gesture support for all files and folders, the ability to share multiple photos and the usual bug fixes and improvements.


Perhaps the most useful change in Dropbox version 2.3 are the new swipe gestures built into the app's user interface. Users can now share, move, delete or favorite files by swiping a file's tile offscreen, as seen in the above image.

The implementation is much like those found in other iOS apps like Pocket or TweetBot in that the file controls are hidden beneath a swipeable "tile."

Also added to the new Dropbox app is a new folder sharing option. Like the file menu, the folder sharing and deletion options can now be accessed with a quick swipe to the right.

Finally, users can now select and share multiple photos as the service slowly builds out its media sharing features. Bug fixes and performance enhancements are also included in the latest version.

Dropbox comes in at 14.3MB and can be downloaded for free from the App Store.


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