Telef?nica looks to break iPhone and Android 'duopoly' with aggressive Windows Phone 8 push



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    Hmm. Telefonica is 51 billion euros in debt -- see
    They just sold their operation in Ireland.
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    bigpics wrote: »
    Do those who want to "keep all MS crapware" off their Apple gear know about the built-in Exchange hooks on Apple devices?  And Apple recently adopting a fairly deep MS hook called, I believe, SMB in their OS?  And why Apple chose Bing as Siri's default search engine?  Or about the contribution that sales of MS apps on Apple devices makes to MS' bottom line?  The seamlessness of how Bonjour works to allow Win and OS X devices to work together?

    Nothing you said is secret or news. Apple and Microsoft have broadly licensed patents to each other and Microsoft flew its flags at half-staff when Steve died.

    My goal is to not buy Microsoft products, (i.e., SKUs), when given a choice. Bill Gates used to tell people Microsoft wasn't a monopoly because people CHOSE Microsoft products. So I am exercising my choice to pick non-Microsoft products. OTOH, if Microsoft licenses code or patents to other companies, you can't use that to gloat about "fanboy hypocrisy" because I had nothing to do with licensing agreements between companies. Microsoft has a number of standards essential patents out there that are unavoidable. Yes, I acknowledge Microsoft ships lots and lots of software and is a major supplier of technology. Their influence is immense. But I won't choose Windows 8, Xbox, Surface, or Windows Phone. I don't have to LIKE them, despite their long history and relationship with Apple.
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    mhiklmhikl Posts: 471member

    The very idea of any telecom deciding what the buyer will choose doesn't smack of smart or possible today. Not everyone is a tech guy so one talks to friends, relatives, tries out models, makes final decisions by what s/he can afford; especially in these days of tight money. A phone should easily last three years. Used just for talking and text, there is the feature phone for the cash strapped and of other interests. For those who use more of the services provide by a smart phone, the choice then becomes obvious: from the land of edible and healthy, rather than the copied or desperate, those who think will choose.

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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    In a statement, Telef?nica's chief operating officer Jos? Maria ?lvarez Pallete said that Microsoft's willingness to partner with carriers was a chief reason behind the decision.


    In other words, Microsoft's willingness to pay for promotion.



    Apple famously has been unwilling to let carriers preinstall software on its iPhone, something that Microsoft may be more willing to do in order to grow market share for Windows Phone 8.


    Apple was, however, famously willing to let carriers... especially AT&T... "suggest" that certain apps be restricted to WiFi, in order to keep their 3G network from being overwhelmed.



    Currently, Windows Phone 8 sits in a distant third place in the smartphone OS race, with just seven percent of shipped devices in the first quarter of this year.


    Perhaps Microsoft should've kept Windows Mobile / CE going as well.  It was used a lot in some countries, and in many places stayed above Windows Phone in popularity long after WinMo itself was dropped.

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    It seems that in hast to bash MS (as BicPics eloquently stated), many poster's seem to forget or not realize:

    a) Nokia... while not big in the states has a lot of loyalty in Europe, Africa and elsewhere;
    b) the Nokia 928 is a pretty decent phone, with what many consider to be the best camera and optics on any mobile device.
    c) Windows Phone 8 is quite a bit better than Android 4.2.2 ... and a very pleasant UX rivaling only an iPhone 5.... no Galaxy, HTC or Sony devices need compete here.

    I can live with Win 7 or 8 if I have to, but I choose not to. For those that use Windows as their primary OS, there really is a lot to like purchasing a Windows phone to sync with it.

    MS has a way... maybe even a long way... to go; but I wouldn't count them out of the game just yet. Also remember that it was first with XP, that they really did things right and got everyday consumers to buy and use home computers. Up to that point it was mostly tech geeks and business.

    I expect Win9 to be the MS OS to watch out for if they stay concentrated on their efforts, starting with not giving into the loud-mouth geeks about Win8.

    At which time: Microsoft needs to find their "Ball" and to fire the entire marketing department, their ad agency (agencies?)... and get a kind of "Style Commissioner" in-house. Maybe even move the entire operation to CA, FL, or NY. Seattle is NOT cutting edge anymore, ever since the Grunge movement.... well... moved on.
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    It's pathetic to read about a company weeping on behalf of poor M$ facing a "duopoly"! I wonder if it feels the same way on the Windows monopoly?

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    I will say if the iPhone didn't exist, the Lumia 920 is the phone I'd want. It's a gorgeous piece of kit. Feels great in the hand and Windows Phone 8 is a leap and bound above Android.


    That said, the iPhone does indeed exist. So I'll never have a reason for it. 

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