Apple looking into self-adjusting earbud headphones with noise cancellation tech



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    Originally Posted by caliminius View Post

    Well, since you're saying the ear pods are free, 10 x 0 is 0 so yes they might be better than other headphone that cost nothing. If you're going with their retail price of $29 and stating their better than $290 headphones, you're starting to spout nonsense. Outside of their actual electronic device core (Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPod), Apple is pretty dreadful at hardware.

    It doesn't cost Apple $0 to make them. It cost them money in R&D and mfg cost plus packaging to make them.  But they bundle something in with the product so you have at least SOMETHING to use.


    Apple is just trying to make the best product while keeping the price point down to an affordable price.  I haven't tried the newer $29 models that ship with the iPhone 5, but I know people that have and they like them a LOT.

    For what it is, I'm sure it's better than the previous generation models.   For some, they'll buy more expensive models from a variety of brands.  It's whatever floats your boat.

    But for $29 for a set of earbuds, Apple probably has the best set for the $29 price range and they just include it in the price of the iPhone 5.  Get over yourself.


    Who includes a better set of earbuds with their smartphone?   Anyone?

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    The earbuds are NOT free, and while they many not be poor or abysmal, Imeould hardly call them 'good'. Fair, yes. Good, no. The only reason they are so 'popular' is because the iPhone is .

    Thr latest ones are indeed a major improvement, however, there are many people who difficulty fitting them comfortably in their ears-- More than one would think. Which is why I am sure they are working on finding a better solution.
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    I bought the new ones - I have to say that they are far superior to the old round models in so far as audio is concerned.
    I too suffer from nCEHS - so they just, fall out no matter how I try to lodge them in.
    Back to Senny cans for me.

    Try before you buy (if you can).
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    rogifan wrote: »
    If someone wants quality earphones they don't come cheap!

    I beg to differ. A pair phillips she9550 can be had for $20 and i find them to be better than a pair of $200 sony xba-30 and the superfine silicon used works better than sony's, seals better and is more comfortable
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    Originally Posted by iaeen View Post

    Your analogy breaks down because a screen is an integral part of the device. Headphones are not; they are an included accessory and can therefore be considered free when you purchase the device.


    I don't see how attached vs. separated makes any difference, but fine, let's say the analogy is flawed. The point is still rather obvious though -- the included earphones cost Apple something to make, and they recoup that cost plus markup as part of the device selling price so they are not free, period.

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    rogifan wrote: »
    I've don't use Apple earphones but have family and friends who love the earpods. If someone wants quality earphones they don't come cheap!
    However Beats
    Ones (which I personally compare to apples) are $100+ vs the $30. I use a $5 pair from walmart and have used free ones free have 0 quality and 1 month use. The $5 pair have a C quality and a 6 to 12 month use. Apples earphones (not pods) have B+ quality and 3+ year length. Apples earpods have A quality plus (hopefully) 5 year length. Beats have A+ quality (I do not know lifespan) but these are pointing out that (my pearsonel use) finds apple earphones worth it.

    This patent looks for the (+) in my rating scale and a hopefully easier experience.
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    Originally Posted by v5v View Post


    No they're not. They're part of the cost of the package. That's like saying the screen is free because it's included when you buy the device.


    I'm of two minds on this one. On one hand, Apple goes to great lengths to ensure other parts of the user experience are top-notch -- things like aluminum enclosures and Retina screens -- so it seems inconsistent and disappoints me that they settle for "good enough" when it comes to the earphones.


    On the other hand, the supplied earphones ARE good enough for the vast majority of buyers, and including better earphones out of the box to satisfy the minority would raise the cost for everybody. Unlike the enclosure or screen, the user can choose their own earphones, so maybe its better to keep the base cost more reasonable and let those who want something better buy their own aftermarket upgrade.


    My point is that they come with the package and that they are equal in quality to many brand name add-ons that cost $100-$150.  Therefore, any criticism of them as "crap" (or words to that effect) is just beyond the pale. 

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    Originally Posted by RichL View Post


    The problem with Apple earphones in general is that they leak sound like crazy. This creates two problems: the user has to jack up the volume very high in noisy environments and everyone can hear their music. Obviously the former problem only exacerbates the latter. 


    Apple headphones are the bane of anyone wanting a peaceful commute on public transport or plane journey.


    This is only true of the discontinued (old) ones.  This is exactly the opposite of true when describing the new asymmetrical ones.  


    They are specifically designed not to leak and as I noted, you can crank up the volume to the top, take them out of your ear and lay them on the table in front of someone and they cannot be heard.  How is that "leaking" sound?

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    The earpods are at $29 among the top in their price range, and beat quite a few worth a fair bit more. Certainly not ones costing 10x as much as stated up thread, but probably at least twice as much.
    For myself, I only used them once when they were new, but have continued to use my A-Jays as I like the sound and the non tangling flat cable is a bonus.
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    This is a helpful invention from Apple.


    New users of in-ear, noise-canceling earphones sometimes complain that the sound they get is terrible.  This is usually the result of not getting a good seal.  Having an alert or adjustment to the sound would help to alleviate this problem.

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