Best Buy, Amazon and others host first sales on Apple's all-day power MacBook Airs

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Having caught up with initial demand for its all-day power MacBook Airs, Apple this week is teaming with Best Buy to host the first official sale on the new notebooks. The move has triggered copy-cat sales at other top resellers, which now yield the lowest prices yet on some models.

MacBook Air

Best Buy's sale, which runs through July 20th, includes free shipping and knocks $50 off 11-inch MacBook Airs, up to $64 off 13-inch MacBook Airs, and $200 off a 13-inch non-Retina MacBook Pro. Amazon, MacMall, and B&H quickly matched pricing on the 11-inch models, as can be seen in our Mac Price Guide (portion also below). The result is the lowest prices yet on Apple's two standard 11-inch MacBook Air configurations via MacMall (1,2) when using the links in our guides and applying Promo Code APPLEINSIDER01.

Similarly, those same models bundled with 3-years of AppleCare protection (AppleCare Price Guide) are now offered at their lowest prices yet from B&H (1,2), which matched Best Buy's pricing in addition to extending its exclusive AppleCare discounted pricing. Other highlights from the sales include Apple's 2.5GHz 13-inch MacBook Pro for $999 ($200 discount) from Amazon and Best Buy, and a 2.5GHz 13" MacBook Pro with Retina display (8GB,256GB) from MacMall for $1,385.59 ($313 discount).

MacBook Airs (mid-2013)

MacBook Pros

MacBook Airs (mid-2013) with AppleCare

MacBook Pros with AppleCare

* The 3% discount is available only when ordering online and online orders are processed in the order they are received.

* MacMall only collects sales tax in CA, IL, NY, TN, MN, GA, NC, WI, yielding additional savings for most shoppers.

+ B&H Photo only collects sales tax for orders shipped to its home state of New York, yielding additional savings for most shoppers.


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    pendergastpendergast Posts: 1,358member
    It's false to say that not collecting sales tax on behalf of the customer results in "savings", as these are still technically due as "use tax" (or something similar).

    Not that states regularly enforce this for consumers.
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    adonissmuadonissmu Posts: 1,772member
    They arent selling?
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    jason98jason98 Posts: 760member
    If you have kids going to college or schools or if you are a student yourself, you will have a better deal on apples educational pricing which includes discount and 100$ iTunes card as a part of the back to school promotion.
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    pendergastpendergast Posts: 1,358member
    adonissmu wrote: »
    They arent selling?

    PC market as a whole might be down.
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    phone-ui-guyphone-ui-guy Posts: 1,018member
    adonissmu wrote: »
    They arent selling?

    pendergast wrote: »
    adonissmu wrote: »
    They arent selling?

    PC market as a whole might be down.

    Could be that the COGS are doing better than expected after they caught up with demand and they decided to push for more market share while the PC manufactures are really struggling. The sale is a pretty small amount though either way.
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    brutus009brutus009 Posts: 356member
    adonissmu wrote: »
    They arent selling?

    Of course they are... at Apple Stores.
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,399member
    adonissmu wrote: »
    They arent selling?

    Thanks for the FUD.

    These places have lower prices year-round.
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    This article gave point (to me) that they could set MacBooks airs up front in morning and still be running on battery at night.
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