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in Feedback edited January 2014

Opera Mediaworks has released its latest "State of the Mobile Web" report, noting that Apple's iOS platform continues to generate the most revenue, with iPhone maintaining a slight lead over all Android phones combined and the iPad capturing over 92 percent of tablet ad revenue.

The report, articulated by Jon Russell of The Next Web, looks at Opera's data from 13,000 sites and apps serving over 60 billion ad impressions per month to 400 million users.

Opera noted that "iPhone and Android are neck and neck in the smartphone race for impressions, with iPhone still clear revenue winner. The iPhone generates 36.4% of revenue compared to Android?s 27.8%."

The firm also noted that "overall iOS is the clear leader with 43.8% of impressions served on Apple devices," despite the fact that Opera's client list includes Samsung, one of the biggest ad spenders in the industry.

"Among tablets, Apple captures the lion?s share (91.2%) with Samsung following at 6.1%," Opera noted. Acer accounted for 1.15 percent, and all other tablets fit into the remaining 1.54 percent.
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