iPhone home button fingerprint scanner described in latest iOS 7 beta



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    Originally Posted by PhilBoogie View Post

    Does this qualify as retina?

    Display-Diagonal: 3 "

    Display+Resolution: 800 x 480


    Yes sir.  The Toshiba G900's display had ~311 PPI.   That's more than the 300 PPI necessary for "retina" at a foot away.


    Of course, anything over 300 PPI is normally called "print quality" for the same reason.... it's more than the average eye can discern at 12".  And sure enough, one of the Toshiba's ads proudly said it was "the first smartphone with a print quality display." 


    The second smartphone like that was the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, which had the same kind of screen.


    Naturally, three years later Apple was not about to admit to being at least third in line to have a "print quality" screen.   No way.  I think that's why they made up their own definition ("retina") using the exact same eye formula originally used to specify "print quality".  It was a brilliant marketing move.

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    5S vs. S5 - It's gonna get confusing.
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