Apple CEO Tim Cook met with head of China Mobile to again discuss potential deal



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    Or you could have a clean phone that you can take to any carrier you wish, and simply download the appropriate free carrier app if and when you want it.
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    I think China Mobile might want a chunk of the app store's profits. Not many people know but, Google pays carriers a chunk of the Play Store profit (honestly don't know how its split). So I'm guessing China Mobile is saying "You can't use our network and our customer to make profits unless we get a cut of all those profits, at least 30% sounds good".
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    jfc1138jfc1138 Posts: 3,090member

    With the TD-SDMA 5s coming it's down to the real discussions.

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    Tim better not crack and allow the Chinese to sully Apple products.
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    junoazjunoaz Posts: 3member
    If the issue is content, I don't know why Ch. Mo. is taking such a hard line. I have AT&T service. I downloaded AT&T's usage app and I'm good to go. Ch. mo. just needs to make a compelling app.

    Now if the issue is profit sharing or tranceiver hardware, that's a whole other story.
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    ksecksec Posts: 1,569member
    Not LTE in China Mobile Yet. But the iPhone 5C or whatever it will be called will support TD-SCDMA. ( Finally )
    But without NFC i dont think Apple is there yet.

    What China Mobile Really wants is not App Store revenue, they can comprise on that. What they want are mobile payments, specially with the recent introduction of Sim Card + NFC combination.

    And yet Apple for some reason hasn't quite got the NFC thing .
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    vaporlandvaporland Posts: 358member
    "China Mobile hosts a whopping 715 million subscribers, but only about [B]13[/B] percent of those are on high-speed 3G networks."

    13% of 715,000,000 is 91,000,000 (potential iPhone) customers. Talk about a good quarter...
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