Rumor: New iPhones to debut as 'iPhone 5S' and 'iPhone 5C'



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    Am i the only thinking those are some fugly colours?


    Color trends are amazing! There is an international group of colorists that meet each year and determine what the colors for the next 10 years are going to be. For example certain browns are coming in for high end automobiles. They have already came in for furniture fabrics, and may or may not come along for clothing fabrics. Apple's color choices are not picked out at random, they are trend colors and you are looking at the colors EVERYONE will be wanting next Spring. Watch it start happening in clothing ads this fall. 


    By next spring you will saying to yourself, "What was I thinking last August? Those are great colors!!"


    We've been led around by our noses all our lives by colorists so that certain colors today look "dated" and some things you once turned your nose up at suddenly look "new and inviting." The whole profession re. "color" is amazing and part of what causes up to buy some new things and discard some "old" things. For the most part we are all oblivious to how subliminal color is to marketing to us each minute/each day.

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    Originally Posted by Robin Huber View Post

    Though I'm not a gold phone kind of guy, I can see why Apple would offer what most consider the "high end" of smartphones in that color option. Especially if they charge a bit more for it. So many of us "common" people have the iPhone 5 that the luxe crowd needs some kind of differentiator.


    That's why I'm not convinced that the "high end" iPhone 5 will be called a 5s. Apple will fork their customer base next month and offer a color group of phones and a prestige line of iPhones with some real cachét included somehow. I doubt Apple will increase the prices on the prestige line, while they will lower the prices on the color iPhones. The whole thing is to meet the competition on cost on one hand while firmly establishing Apple's premium brand label on everything they produce. 

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    bondm16bondm16 Posts: 141member

    What does the C stand for?

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    Originally Posted by jb510 View Post

    The schedule for the iPhone 5 was:

    Sept. 4th announced event,

    Sept. 12th announced phone at event,

    Sept. 14th started pre-orders,

    Sept. 19th started delivery

    Based on that, we can roughly we can expect the 5s will go something like this:

    Week of Sept. 2nd announce event for Sept. 10/11th.

    Pre-Orders Sept 13th

    Deliveries Sept 18th.


    Friday's have always been the official availability date of iPhones. So, Sept 20.


    Sep 03: press invitation for press event

    Sep 10: press event announcing the phone and whatever else (iOS 7, iPods, etc)

    Sep 13: early AM pre-ordering starts

    Sep 17: iOS 7.0.1 out the door?

    Sep 18: at about 9 pm Eastern, the embargo lifts for reviewers

    Sep 19: somebody somewhere will get their new phone a day early

    Sep 20: You can walk into a store and get or if you pre-ordered it should be delivered for many people

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    Originally Posted by Povilas View Post

    It would be logical to think that colours will be the same as ones available for iPods.


    Logical, but not necessarily cool enough any longer.

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    Originally Posted by Shogun View Post

    Yes, but not among things that are essential. For example, it will do email. You wouldn't leave that out as a differentiator.


    The question to ask, I would suggest, is what would the fingerprint sensor allow, and would that be a perk or essential for key operations? If it's just to have an easy way to unlock your phone by making one touch instead of a press-slide-and-four-touches, well then the 5C won't have the fingerprint tech. But what if it's required for sending money through iTunes between phones and Apple gets 1% per transaction? What if it's also for paying at any business that has an iOS device and Apple gets 1.5%? Then Apple will have the scanner on both the 5C and 5S. And that is my contention and suggestion about why it will be there. 

    Apple won't cripple a product by removing anything (such as email), but since the prestige iPhone will be purchased by someone that has a need to protect assets (financial or company information), the bio-sensor feature will be on the better phone only. On the next interation the may offer the feature across the whole line.


    People that don't have a high regard for security, may not a lot of money to worry about... then the iPhone 5cheap will fill their need.  :-)

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    Originally Posted by Bondm16 View Post

    What does the C stand for?


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    Originally Posted by Macky the Macky View Post



    Cheap. See the LC series.

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    These rumors are to the point of either obviosly true, or obliviously not true.
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    I just do not understand why the next iphone called iPhone 5c???   this name real doesnt sounds so good.

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